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So usually my must-have posts revolve around my daughter, or the family, or anything other than myself but today I’m going straight up selfish (if you can call thinking about yourself as a mom for a hot sec selfish, then so be it). Today I’m talking about what I’m loving for ME this summer, and what you might love too. So let’s be selfish together and continue.

  1. Old Navy Jersey Swing Dress – I stopped into their outlet store a few times and eyed up these adorable (and comfortable) dresses so many times before I finally just purchased 3 of them one day and I never regretted it. They are perfect for wearing out to the beach, to the store, or just out and about anywhere. I love the jersey knit material because it’s like wearing a t-shirt, it’s breathable and lightweight.
    Image Credit: Old Navy


  2. Okabashi Flip Flops* – You want comfy flip flops with some support? These are the way to go. I opted for the Maui flip flops in Sea Glass (like a mint green, my absolute favorite color) and they are adorable and comfortable. I’d definitely recommend them for somewhere that you’re going to be doing a lot of walking this summer because that extra support is so nice! (And get this- they’re made from plant-based materials so they’re recyclable, biodegradable and they’re even dishwasher safe!)Okabashi Maui flip flops
  3. Cute Floral Romper – Do you ever feel more fabulous and feminine than when you’re wearing a floral dress? This is kind of like that, except rompers are more trendy and it’s almost like you’re wearing shorts instead of a dress. I am obsessed with this one (I actually ordered mine via Amazon) and it feels so cute and summer-y!
    floral romper
    Image: Amazon


  4. Storksak Noa Bag* – I got to test out this new bag this summer and replaced my old diaper bag. It was so nice to make the upgrade and finally feel like I have a ‘purse’ again (but also the necessary pockets/essentials for a little one too). This bag has been amazing and I haven’t changed a thing about it. It has a removable organizer on the inside that you can stash with diapers/wipes and then when you don’t need to carry those things, just pull it out and you’ve got your purse. I’ve been loving the change.storksak noa
  5. Bluetooth Speaker Water Bottle – I actually seen these at Walmart at the beginning of the season and thought – how brilliant. But I didn’t get one. Now I wish I would have. I always forget my speaker when we go places, but I don’t forget my water bottle. So to have the two combined into one, it’s not only efficient but practical. Not to mention, so neat!bluetooth water bottle speaker
  6. Women’s Pink Travel Blanket – So at work this summer, I won a travel blanket with our logo on it. I thought it was pretty cool but kind of useless. Let me tell you, I was wrong. I can’t tell you how many times I have used that travel blanket this summer! I’ve brought it along in my truck and so far we’ve used it for picnics, fireworks, outdoor movies, the beach, and for evening boat rides. Just to name a few. This one on Amazon is also packed into a clever travel pouch so you could toss it into a carry-on for flights or trains or automobiles.
    Image: Amazon


  7. Sturdy Travel Bag – Why is it that summer is like the time for travel here in Minnesota? I swear every weekend we’ve been packing up our bags and heading off to one retreat or another. For me, I invested in a good sturdy travel bag a long time back (complete with my initials, because I was legit like that, pre-kids, of course). This adorable vacation bag from Bando makes me want to pack it full of cute things and go on a cute holiday.
    quality women vacation bag
    Image: Amazon.com


  8. Baby Starbucks Sippy Cup – Okay, I totally went away from my theme here but this one is actually also a sanity saver for mom, so hang with me. Since summer activities usually start with a quick stop at a nearby Starbucks, my little one often gets jealous and says from the backseat, “I try! I try!” And since I’m a horrible mom, she does not get to try my iced caramel macchiato. Instead, I’ve prepped her special ‘car’ cup with a delicious special juice that she can actually try and feel luxurious in the backseat while she sips her Baby Starbucks cup, with her baby aviators and flannel button up.
    baby Starbucks sippy cup
    Image credit: Amazon


  9. Some Good Chick Lit – I have confessed my love for Sophie Kinsella books time and time again and I’m not ashamed to say I still love her books. Her latest one, My Not So Perfect Life: A Novel, is no exception to her awesomeness. If you haven’t checked out her books yet, do it now. I started reading her books in high school when I worked at a library and I binged every book she had out, and then when she’d release new ones, I’d swoop those up and go through them in a couple days as well. Trust me, she’s an amazing writer.

    My not so Perfect Life Sophie Kinsella
    Find it on Amazon.com!

What has been your saving grace this summer? I’m always looking for items to add to my life!

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