The Job of a Woman is Never Done

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Boy oh boy have I been busy beyond belief lately. Do you ever have those weeks where you have things going on almost every night? That’s been DH and I for probably the last month now. Between buying a car and trying to sell our old car, plus a couple birthdays in the family, plus helping our families with things they needed done, plus all the other hulla baloo that is going on every day – we have been exhausted come night time! I’m not complaining though. It’s been nice to be active (since I haven’t been working out as much as I should – shhh). But it wears a girl out.

I went on a little bit of nesting syndrome last week. When I realized it was fall, I all of a sudden went into a decorating fit. I rearranged our living room furniture, set out some Halloween decor and cleaned like a crazy woman. DH decided to clean out the garage. That was really nice, until I realized he was probably just trying to get out of the house – aka out of my craziness. Does anyone else do that as a new season rolls in? It’s like I get the instant urge to adapt the rest of our living space to suit the calendar. Is that weird?

Hubby and I also went to volunteer at Feed my Starving Children last night. It is always such a great time to pack meals for these kids who, if they’re lucky, get a meal a day. Last night we packed over 20,000 meals in 40 minutes with other volunteers. Can you imagine? In 40 minutes, we fed 57 children for a year. If you haven’t tried packing meals – I would strongly encourage it. Bring the kids and make a night of it. It feels SO great to make a difference in someone’s life. It also makes you realize what we take for granted every single day.

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