Annual Holiday Gift Guide {2016}


This gift guide is made up of gift ideas for everyone! The items with an asterisk(*) have provided samples for inclusion. 

Holiday Gift Guide 2016 gift ideas for everyone on your list this year
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Every year, I put together one of my favorite things of the year – my annual gift guide! In it, you’ll find some unique, unconventional gift ideas for everyone on your list this year. Plus, my feedback on them along with the details you need in your decision making process! So if you’re up for it, let’s go ahead and get started!

Gifts for Men

Is it just me or does it feel like men are the most impossible people to buy for? Well luckily my husband stepped in as my mens gift expert this year and highly approved my list.

Mission Belts* – These, he is obsessed with. If they sound familiar, it’s because they were on Shark Tank (along with Golf Digest, ESPN, GQ and more). He wears the brown one on a daily basis (for his casual wear) and the black when he’s feeling snazzy. What makes these belts awesome is that there is no holes so it ensures a perfect belt fit every time you put it on. You don’t need to try and pick which belt hole is closest, these are spot-on perfect. He LOVES his.

mission belts


Destiny The Collection (Video Game)* – If you have a man in your life who likes to play video games, you’ll want to check out Destiny from Activision. Embark on journeys and find other players along the way. He’ll explore ancient ruins and the solar system as he’s immersed in a cinematic experience. Compete in multi-player modes and develop your own legendary character. It’s the new game he’s going to want to have!

destiny the collection video game

Unisex Gifts (For Him, Her or Both!)

Need a gift that could go to either a man, a woman, or both? That’s the category that these next gifts fall under. They are perfect gift ideas for any adults, and they’re sure to be well-received either way!

MobileMat* – If you work out at home (or the office, if you’re lucky) then you know the struggle is real when it comes to finding a comfortable spot to do so. Whether you’re doing yoga, or strength training, the MobileMat is the ticket! I love that this mat is super cushioned, so when you’re on the ground doing sit ups or side planks, it is soft – plus it grips the ground so that it doesn’t slide or slip around which is wonderful! The MobileMat also folds so you can store it away when you’re not using it and it’ll still lay flat when you pull it back out – another awesome perk.

MobileMat soft fitness mat for home

Apothic Inferno* – For your favorite wino, Apothic has put out a small batch, limited release, special red blend that seriously hits the spot. Aged in whiskey barrels, it gives a truly unique taste you don’t get in most wines. For a limited time online, this wonderful red blend is available on shelves where wine is sold, nationwide.


Holiday Gift Basket* – If you’re not sure what exactly would be perfect for that person on your list, gift baskets are always a hit (at least at our house anyway!) This basket from (called Champagne & Truffles gift basket – Prosecco) is a wonderful option that includes a bottle of champagne, chocolate treats, truffles, Ghirardelli squares, cookies, and more. You really can’t go wrong with champagne and chocolate!


Bialetti Espresso Moka Express– I had a vintage stovetop espresso pot like this that was well-worn, and only made two shots at a time. When I found the Moka Express, I swooned. The different models can make anywhere from 1 cup to 12 cups! And let me tell you, it makes the most delicious, authentic, rich espresso that you could possibly make at home. Here’s how it works; you fill the base up with water, fill the filter piece with ground espresso, twist it into the base and screw on the top. Place on a stovetop and heat, the espresso will boil up into the top portion and when it starts to sputter, it’s done. And it’s soooo good. Mmmm!

Gifts for Women

Okay this is a category that I know a little bit about. What to get a woman? We can cover that topic, am I right. Here’s a few ideas for the fellas out there while you’re out shopping.

Common Ground Flats* – If you want a shoe that has a meaning behind them, you’ll appreciate this footwear that stands for change. They’re cute, they’re simple, and they come in a variety of colors as you can see. Not only that, but each line supports a cause such as gender equality, marriage equality, gun violence, and immigration. The ones you see below stand for progress, shown in gray and cabernet. I also love their olive color too! The shoes are meant to start a conversation, and I think they’ll do just that!

Common Goods shoes

Lansinoh Smart Pump* – If there’s a woman on your list who just had a baby, is about to have a baby, or is breastfeeding, then you’ll want to check out this new Smart Pump from Lansinoh. It’s a double electric breast pump that uses bluetooth (the first one out there!) to connect to your smart phone (hence, the ‘Smart’ Pump) and track things like how much milk is pumped from each side, feeding sessions, diaper changes (and stools), growth factors and more – all from your smartphone. Brilliant!!


Vellabox* – You’ve heard of subscription boxes right? They seemed to start as makeup samples, but now you can get them for pretty much anything – including candles! Vellabox is a subscription box that sends you amazing, toxic-free, artisan candles delivered to your door each month from some of the best manufacturers out there. I loved the ones they sent me, and they were pretty to go with my decor too.


Max Factor Makeup* – If you’re looking for affordable makeup that’s still high quality, look for Max Factor next time you’re at Target or shopping online. I was able to try out their lipsticks (which go on nice and smooth – with a nice soft color), mascara (great at thickening and separating) and liquid eyeliner which had a unique wide felt tip for dramatic or fine effect.

SoapBox Soaps – If you haven’t heard of them before, SoapBox is a 1-for-1 line of luxurious body washes, bar soap, and haircare items. They have some delicious scents and for every product purchased, SoapBox donates a bar of soap to someone in need around the globe. It’s the gift that keeps on giving 🙂 All of their soaps are made in the USA, are paraben-free, along with being free from EDTA, sulfates, gluten, palm oil – and they’re certified vegan and non-GMO as well! I tried out their hand soap and bar soap; very impressive!

soapbox soaps

Bialetti Pasta Pot* – If you make pasta as much as I do (oh your toddler eats other things? how nice..) then you’ll appreciate this awesome little invention. The Pasta Pot is an oblong pot that has a custom-fit top that allows you to strain the pasta when it’s finished without any other tools or accessories. Just poor out the built-in holes to strain and you’re done! It is WONDERFUL. And the oblong shape? No more breaking your pasta in half before it goes in the pot- now it can fit in their whole with no problems!

pasta pot

Rhea Footwear Booties* – Beautiful shoes with non-slip soles, it’s the best of both worlds. Take a closer look at the bottoms of these shoes and you’ll see they mean business when it comes to creating slip-resistant footwear. I love the booties look (they look cute with straight leg/skinny jeans especially. They also make flats and sandals in addition to men’s footwear as well! But these were definitely my favorite, and I love the feel of their high-quality materials.

ion8 Ultimate Ionizing Sports Water Bottle – If the woman in your life needs a new water bottle, you need to check out these neat ionizing bottles from ion8. They’re 100% leakproof (trust me, I’m the master of spilling and this one ensures in a couple different ways that you’ll stay dry) along with being BPA free, and you can even use them for cold or hot liquids.

ion waterbottle

Gifts for Baby/Kids

The younger generation is a little harder to buy for sometimes. You never know what the latest and greatest is for them, and when it comes to different age groups, a lot can change! Here are a few of my favorites for the little ones.

Gunamuna Gunapod* – The wearable blanket that is beyond wonderful. The material is super soft and luxurious, and beyond that it features their WONDERZiP® technology that includes a zipper at the base of the sleep sack to make diaper changes soooo much easier! There’s no need to take the sleep sack off, you just zip, change, and re-zip. The Gunapod adheres to the strictest safety guidelines, and was also created with overheating in mind so that your little one plenty of room for temperature regulation (no sleeves) and lots of room to move around without being restricted. I’m really impressed with the quality of the Gunapod, especially the fabric – but the zipper is amazing too! Brilliant.

Daniel Tiger’s Winter Wonderland DVD* – If your child is as obsessed with Daniel Tiger as mine is, you’ll want to grab a copy of this Daniel Tiger’s Winter Wonderland. It’s a really cute series of winter episodes that we’d never seen on TV before. Plus, more songs of course! Even one that talks about dressing for the weather, which is such a help this time of year!

I’ll be adding more up until Christmas, because of course I keep getting lots of ideas as the days tick by.

What’s on your holiday list this year? Leave a comment below and share!!

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