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It’s been fun seeing all the spring fashions come out lately. All the bright colors, the fun patterns, and of couse peep toe heels are back in action now that the snow is gone! But amidst all the sunshine and sundresses, most of us are a little self-concious about certain parts of our bodies. Maybe it’s our belly, our butt, our legs, our arms, etc. So when it comes to dressing your body for spring wear, I wanted to help you look and feel your very best.

I present to you, dressing up for your figure. Clothes that flatter all types of bodies!

fashion flatters

No lie, this is how I determine what I’m going to wear each day. The thought runs through my head, “What are we trying to avoid showing most today?” And you know what, that’s okay! None of us are perfect, that’s for sure. So why not learn to dress to flatter your shape the most?

Of course, we all know that black is slimming and vertical stripes are as well. Don’t go with something ‘too busy’ in patterns, but feel free to experiment with what makes your body look great! Because there is something out there that is going to make you say, “Yes. I look great!” So find that, use that, and perfect that and you’re on your way to a lovely style made just for you.

Do you use any tricks when you’re getting dressed? I’d love to hear them!


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