What No One Tells You About Having Kids


Before getting pregnant, I always imagined having kids would be much like owning a pony or finding the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. It was something I couldnt wait for, and in my head it was nothing but pure joy. It is, dont get me wrong, but there are also some things that no one tells you before that glorious D-Day. So alas, today I will be the one to suck it up and tell you about the things that people dont usually tell you before having kids. 

Pregnancy, delivery and recovery are probably the worst pains youll ever experience. Some women may disagree but thats probably because they sneezed and a baby came out (much like in the movie, What to Expect When Youre Expecting). But from the start of pregnancy, you may experience morning sickness, baby growing pains, and ultimately contractions. From there, delivery which can go a variety of different ways so Ill leave that up to your imagination. And then, recovery. Whichever method of birth you end up having, recovery time will be required and is painful. But its okay, youll be able to rest in about, 18 years. And if you decide to breastfeed, well, thats a whole different pain in itself. But, ultimately, it is all worth it here. Anything worth having is worth working for, right?

fun facts about having kids

You will never sleep soundly again. I really do hate to be the one to tell you this, but I must warn you that it is the truth. Unless you are a very hard sleeper, your nights of uninterrupted sleep are likely over at least for a while. My daughter started sleeping through the night at around three months (after being up at least 3-4 times a night) and I thought I had miraculously discovered the secret to life as I knew it. And then, sleep regression hit. We are now at 11 months, and shes up 1-2 times a night. Every child is different, but if you accept that on any given night you could be up several times, youre probably one step closer to being zen-mommy. 

Youve never loved to your full potential before. Until my daughter was born, I had no idea that I held the capability to love someone so darn much. Youll look at them and be amazed at the sudden warm burst in your heart, knowing that you would do anything to protect them, hold them, and just make them feel loved. Awww, you thought this article was going to be a list of all awful things didn’t you? 🙂 

what they dont tell you about having kids

The worry never ends. Remember before when youd lay down at night and worry that maybe you didnt respond to that important email at work, or you accidentally forgot your Crocs at the gym? Ah, those were the days. Now the worry shifts to, is your baby getting enough educational time during the day? Are they on par with other kids their age? Was it too soon to give them a blanket in their crib? Will they suffocate if they manage to wiggle the blanket over their face? Why are they making that noise in their sleep? Why are they so quiet in their crib? All of which will most likely cause you to feel the need to get up and check on them, just in case. Have I mentioned the rabbit hole of Google yet? Dont get me started.

Your range of emotions will be off the charts. From being tired, upset, happy, excited, anxious, overwhelmed; the range of emotions you now have will surprise you randomly throughout the day. That commercial you never paid attention to before will all of a sudden make you cry one moment, and stressed out the next.

Yes, there are things that people dont tell you about having kids, but I think its because they dont really think about them on a day-to-day basis. Its more of a back-burner side-thought behind the wonderfulness of being a parent. The joy that each day brings as your little one learns and grows, seems to outweigh any of the other emotion that ever pokes in from time to time. Plus, no one wants to point out the things that might cause you to rethink having children because the blessing is something you cant ever even begin to explain. And that makes it all worth it in the end, doesnt it? 🙂