Living for the Best


This post is a little different than what I typically like to do, but I think there’s some room for variation here so here I am.

I have been thinking a lot lately about my habits and how my emotions tend(ed) to be. I noticed that when I had felt very hurt or offended, my old tendency to show my emotions was undeniable.

I think we’ve all had a moment when someone did us wrong and you have that instant heat in your body where you’re mad and the first thing that crosses your mind is revenge. Whether that is to just say something or maybe it’s to do something – either way it’s there.

I think that would be me a couple years ago. I’d get heated and probably brainstorm a couple ways that I could get even (but would never actually do). These thoughts somehow have faded and my new thought process is, “why would this person act that way?” or “it’s really not worth my time to care about”.

It’s funny how time can change a person. Not that I’ve really changed but in that way I guess I have. But I think (or hope) that it’s for the better. We’ve all done something or said something that we can’t take back, right? So I guess the easiest and most mature way around that is to just not say or do anything at all in response to how people treat us.

Like it says in Matthew, turn the other cheek. Don’t strike back, but let it go. And it might be hard or seemingly impossible, but when you let yourself just live life how you know to live, it will put happiness right into you. Don’t let others bring you down 🙂

Live for the best and forget all the rest.

Ramble over.


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