DIY: Princess Cakes


For those who have a birthday coming up or they just like to eat cakes that look good, not only taste good, a princess cake would be one of the best choices out there. The good news is that even though this cake looks pretty sophisticated, it’s very simple to make, but to those who have no idea about it, it will seem like it took a monumental effort to bake.

Many parents will bake such cakes for when their daughters’ birthday will come, because it just looks amazing. The birthday girl can even help with decorating the birthday cake if she wants, so that the cake looks exactly the way she imagined. Not only that, but having such a cake on the table will make for a fabulous centerpiece for the party table.


  • Candy cake decorations
  • Cake decorating tubes
  • Frosting
  • Doll
  • Cooling rack
  • Flat butter knife
  • Cake tester
  • Batter bowl
  • Box cake mix

How to bake it

1. First of all the cook will have to prepare the cake batter by following the instructions on the box. The flavor he or she chooses for it is not important.

2. Now the cake batter will have to be poured in an oven safe batter bowl which has been previously sprayed with a good quality nonstick spray. It’s important to use this spray because if the cake sticks, the whole birthday cake will be ruined. It’s important to keep in mind that the deepness of the batter bowl will influence how long the doll’s skirt will be.

3. The cook will need to follow the instructions very well and only bake the birthday cake for as long as it’s mentioned on the box. A cake tester (usually a toothpick) should be inserted in the cake in order to check whether it’s ready or not. If the toothpick comes out almost clean, then it means the cake is ready. If not, then it should be left longer to bake.

4. When the cake is baked it has to be slid out of the batter bowl and placed on a cooling rack until it cools off. It’s recommended the cake is cooled off completely before the cook attempts to do anything with it. The cake’s bottom in the batter bowl will actually become the skirt’s top after the cook will finish decorating it.

5. At this point the cook will have to grab a doll (Barbie-like) and have it inserted with its feet first into the cake until it reaches the doll’s waist. The doll’s arms should be lifted up over her before being inserted, so the hands don’t dig in.

6. Lastly, the cake should be covered with an undercoat of frosting and then with many different colored frosting, candy and cake decorating tubes. The frosting can be used to decorate the doll’s chest as well, not only her skirt.

The cake at this point is finally ready and it can be served only after it has been cooled off properly for a few hours in the fridge. Everyone will love its taste, but even more the way it looks!

Image by Andrew_mc_d on Flickr.

Author bio:

Maya is a blogger and a cake lover. She loves cooking for her friends and family, especially baking and decorating princess and disney birthday cakes for her nieces. Curently, she works on a project for Cake Factory, a well known occassion cakes specialist in Perth which you can visit here:

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