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Making Homemade Wine

So I meant to post a while back when the hubs and I finally bottled our wine. I told you we were making our own wine, right? Anyway, it was a really fun process and I think we will be doing it again. We ended up choosing a sweet red wine for our first batch and it made 30 bottles! Yowza, we got gifts for a while 😉 ;

I wanted to share the pics because it was pretty cool!

Here are the bottles before we corked them. ;

Here is the hubby filling them up with the siphon.
And apparently i dont have as many pics as I thought! Lol and I don’t have any pics of them corked and labeled yet but I will get those! 😉
So much fun, but we have to wait about three months until we an taste it… Hope it was worth it!

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