DIY Puppy Crate Pad for Travel Dog Kennels


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Hook, line and sinker; my puppy has me wrapped around her um, paw? So, I took on a new project this week and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out! My goal was to make a little crate pad for her travel kennel so that she could sit on something comfy, but at the same time, I didn’t want it to be big and bulky (like a blanket) because then she would chew on it.

So here’s what I ended up coming up with:

DIY dog crate pad

Not bad huh?! So basically I ended up finding the puppy paw fleece material at Walmart in the fabric section. Amazon has some really cute fabrics as well, and I know their shipping is usually pretty quick!

Here’s a few colors they have currently:

I bought one yard of the fleece material and ending up using about half of it. From there, I turned it inside out and overlapped the material by about 3-4″ so that it would hold the pad insert tight and not show through.

I then sewed a straight seem straight down both sides. Turned the material inside-out and voila! There was my cover! I made it this way so that if it gets wet or dirty, we can take it off the pad and wash it. Knowing the pup, we’ll be doing that a lot.

The foam pad itself is 2″ thick and I found that at Jo-Ann Fabrics. The regular price for that was around $14.50 but with a weekly coupon, it was about $8.00 instead. So with the material I used, and the pad as well, this project cost me just under $12! I’ve seen these online and they are much more than that. AND they’re not made with love either 😉

She has used it a few times already and she really likes it! She hasn’t attempted to chew it (that is a big step for us!) and she looks very comfortable in there too! Win-win!

Another alternative to this (and I thought of this afterwards, of course) would be to buy a fleece pillow case and place that over the 2″ pad. It’d be an easy way to no-sew a DIY dog crate pad. But then you wouldn’t have the neat paw prints fabric, so there! 🙂


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