Zits and Acne; How to Cope


As of late, I’ve been a little more stressed than normal. So many things going on, I can’t remember the last time I’ve sat down and just did nothing. With that stress, I’ve had a few zits pop up overnight that drive me crazy.

I can’t stand the stupid things, they just stare at me in the mirror, all red-like and ugly. Usually if they pop up as a little whitehead, I can poke at them for a while and they dry up after. If you do have one of these, my little trick is to put a nice big dollop of Mary Kay Acne Treatment Gel at bedtime. Let it dry before you actually fall asleep to make sure that you don’t accidentally rub it off on your pillow. This stuff is awesome, I’ve used it through college and still use it to this day. It may take a couple night’s worth for pesky zits but it helps get rid of them quickly! And painlessly. Gotta love that!

Now what really makes me angry are those big, old zits that form under the skin and don’t have a ‘head’. There’s no way to get them out, you just have to sit and wait (something I don’t do well). So today I did a little research because I have one of these buggers and it’s making me loco. Here are some solutions I found.

1. Use isopropyl alcohol on a napkin and hold on the zit. It helps clean the skin with its anti-bacterial properties. When I did this, I could feel the cleaning taking place on my skin. I held it on there for a good 15 minutes and I could feel the change instantly. Make sure however you don’t get this in your mouth or eyes because it is harmful!!

2. Detox and clean up. Some results said that people use detoxing to clean their body of these zits. Drink lots of water, and all that other great stuff. Add some lemon even! Wash your face twice a day and be sure to stay squeaky clean.

3. Freeze and add benzoyl peroxide. Wash your face first, then put ice on your pimple for about 10 minutes. Remove ice and then add benzoyl peroxide on the zit. Repeat every 5 hours. It says it should clear up within the next day if you do this at least 3 times.

Hopefully you found these tips useful! Let me know if you have a zit-fix that works!


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One thought on “Zits and Acne; How to Cope

  • August 19, 2012 at 7:21 am

    The real cure is addressing the root trigger of acne from the beginning and taking steps to stop toxic build up within the body. If your body doesn’t have excess toxic residue, then the toxins won’t have to be excreted through the sebum glands within the skin, your pores won’t become clogged, bacteria won’t multiply and you won’t get spots.


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