Thrifting For Baby – Maternity and Beyond!


Well, Happy Sunday everyone!!! 🙂 I hope your weekend has been as lovely and relaxing as mine has been (It is only 1:00 here in Minnesota, which means the threat of Monday isn’t too looming yet!). We have had beautiful (BEAUTIFUL) Fall weather lately! It has been sunny and in the upper 70’s all weekend. The leaves are changing and it is absolutely breathtaking. Fall in Minnesota is officially my favorite!
Anyway, enough about that and on to the topic of the day – Now that I am expecting my second baby, I thought I would share some tips on how to save your hard earned pennies when shopping for maternity clothes and stocking up for baby. Excited??? Here we go!

1. Maternity clothes shopping: I love Ebay for finding inexpensive maternity clothes! I can’t stant the thought of spending a ton of money on clothes that I can only wear for a short period of time. And because women wear them for such a short period of time, you can usually find maternity clothes on Ebay in like-new condition for a fraction of the cost. Here is what I got recently:

Citizens of Humanity Jeans – $25.00 + FREE Shipping!
Maternity top – $10.00 + $2.99 shipping
Liz Lange Dress – $8.50 + $5.45 shipping

Great deals, right??? Another great place to look for inexpensive maternity clothes is Goodwill. I normally do not have much luck finding clothes at Goodwill, and sometimes it depends on the Goodwill you go to, but I have found 3 pairs of maternity pants for work for under $6.00 apiece! That is an unbeatable deal!!! I do not recommend Craigslist for maternity clothes. People are usually trying to sell their maternity clothes in bundles and I have yet to find a bundle where I would wear all the clothes in it (Let’s face it, some maternity clothes are just flat-out ugly!). Not to mention, you have to go pick up the maternity clothes, which can be kind of a hassle to coordinate times. Not worth it in my opinion. Lastly, I highly recommend Target clearance section for great maternity essentials like t-shirts and jeans.

2. Nursery furniture and decor: Unlike maternity clothes, Craigslist is my hands-down favorite place to find nursery decor and furniture. You can find a great crib for 25% the cost of buying it new (be sure to ask about chew marks on the railing…) and if you are lucky, you might even be able to snag a great changing table or dresser in the FREE section! Can’t beat that deal! Right now, I am on the hunt for a cute twin sized bed for when my LO switches to a big girl bed and the new baby takes over her crib. My most recent find is Pottery Barn bedding for both my current LO and new baby!!! O.M.G. So. Excited.

Pottery Barn Penelope Crib Set + Matching Rug and Canvas Paintings – $65.00

The other bedding is twin sizes Pottery Barn comforter and matching Pillow sham (I can’t find a picture of it online) for only $15.00! Such a steal of a deal and so stinkin’ cute! Craigslist is a good place to find a rocker/glider too. We got our Baby’s R Us plush rocker on Craigslist for $100, normally over $300 retail. The only other place I find good prices on nursery gear is garage sales. These can be especially good for common things like diaper pails and changing pads. Sometimes you will get lucky and find a great crib for a great price at a garage sale – but it usually takes some hunting.

3. Baby clothes: My favorite place to get baby clothes is the local Just Between Friends sale. They hold a sale every season and it is a great one-stop shop to stock up on good quality, inexpensive baby clothes. I have been going on the last day of the sale (Saturday) for half price day. Better deals and less to sift through. Garage sales can be great for very inexpensive baby clothes. These can be hit or miss, but when you find a good one, it feels like you’ve won the lottery (Side note: Keep your eyes open for inexpensive baby bottles too – you can sometimes find these for pennies on the dollar compared to retail)!!! Once Upon a Child is great if you are looking for something specific and you need it by a certain time. They are a little more pricey than the previous options but they have convenience on their side! I of course always check the Target clearance rack for baby clothes also 🙂 I can’t resist!
I hope you found this helpful 🙂 Until next time…

Love, Macy

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