(g)Diaper Love

When I first started buying cloth diapers, I bought every different style I could find. I didn’t know the difference between “pocket” and “hybrid.” And what was with “all-in-one” and “all-in-two”?? I couldn’t keep track at first so I just bought the ones that were cheap and/or looked cute! Obviously, I eventually figured it out…but in my trial (and error) I stumbled upon my favorite cloth diaper! I started using this diaper first because it was the only one my little one would fit in (she was tiny). But still, to this day, it is my favorite diaper!

Here is why I am soooo in love with gDiapers:

Reason #1: They are easy! They are the easiest cloth diaper I have come across. They are the easiest to put on and the easiest to wash.
Putting a gDiaper on:
Step 1 – Put any cloth diaper insert you have in the plastic liner. If it is too big, just fold it so that it fits (and get added absorption as a bonus!).
Step 2 – Put the diaper on so that the ‘g’ is on the booty and velcro to desired size.
That’s it!!!
Cleaning the gDiaper:
Step 1 – Separate the insert from the cover.
Step 2 – Put the insert in your diaper pail (or wetbag) with the other dirty inserts and the cover in with baby’s regular laundry.

Reason #2: They are cute! They have so many different colors to choose from! You can match the color with your mood or baby’s outfit for the day! So fun!

My Little One’s little gButt 🙂

Reason #3: They are reasonably priced. You all know how much Ruby and I like saving money, so this was a big reason why I initially stocked up on gDiapers before I even tried them. On the cloth diaper swap on Baby Center (my fave!), I could get gPants (the covers) for as little as $6 apiece! Now that is what I call an amazing deal!!! If you want to buy them new, you can find them at Babies R Us in a 2-pack for $26.99 or Diapers.com for $17.99 apiece. BUT, they are having a sale right now where you can get 3 for $39 (code:SGGPANTS)!!! And you better believe I am going to get some! I am running low on Mediums 🙂

So, do you need any more reasons to pick up some gDiapers for your little one? If you do…here is what has me drooling today:

More on everything cloth diapering to come!


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