Best Foods for Baby to Eat

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My baby is ready for baby food (yay!!!!) But where do you start?! What should I be feeding my baby?? These are questions I had about 2 weeks ago 🙂 Then after lots of research, and plenty of asking around, I got some answers and I’ve learned a lot!

For your enjoyment, here is a great article on what food is BEST for baby! Plus, at the end I give you some of my own tips to make your life a little easier. So don’t go anywhere, keep reading!

The best foods for babies

The Ten Best Foods for Babies

The List:
* Squash
* Lentils
* Dark green leafy vegetables
* Broccoli
* Blueberries
* Avocados
* Meat
* Prunes
* Garbanzo beans
* Mandarin oranges

Some fruits and vegetables contain high amounts of pesticides. So if you are wondering if you should buy organic, here is a list of the “dirty dozen” and the “clean fifteen.”

More Helpful Articles:

Also, I’ve been using these awesome little silicone containers to store the food in. They’re great whether you’re freezing them or storing them in the fridge. Plus it helps me with figuring out the perfect little portion sizes which is always nice!

I’ll post some pictures of my baby food making adventures soon 🙂

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