Babyproofing Basics: How to Keep Baby Safe


baby proofing basics

We are getting to that age (almost 11 months now) where it’s time to start babyproofing because she is scooting all over the place. She hasn’t quite taken a huge interest in crawling up until this point and now I feel like we are days away from having baby Mario Andretti cruising around the house. That all hitting me as a realization, I knew I had to hit the books and see what was important to know for baby proofing.

Tips to Help You Babyproof Your Home

  1. Block off the stairs. I know this is probably common sense but it’s a major danger when it comes to mobile babies. The stairs are interesting, the depth is intriguing, and what could be more fun? I tried out this baby gate from Safety 1st, it’s called the Lift, Lock & Swing Dual-Mode Gate ($33.99) and really liked it, it is easy to install and take down – and it stretches from 28″ to 42″ wide, and is 26″ tall. It’s a good one for the top or bottom of stairs or in between rooms.stair baby gate
  2. Grippy, anti-slip bath mats are great. Bath tubs pose many dangers if you turn your head for a minute. Keep your little one safe in the bath with a non-slip mat, obviously it doesn’t mean you don’t have to watch them! But it at least helps give you a little peace of mind while you’re there with them that they’re not going to slip and hit their head.
  3. When baby starts crawling, remove hanging toys/mobiles. I didn’t even think about this but once your little one can reach these items, it becomes a hazard so remove them asap! It’s not worth the risk, and they’ve got plenty other toys.
  4. Plug your outlets. This is one of the most common baby proofing item, but it still needs to be said I think. Especially with how low outlets are on the wall, they’re just begging for little ones attention. Outlet plugs are cheap, and worth the tiny investment.
  5. Lock important cabinets. If you have a cabinet of cleaning products or other toxic items, you’re going to want to secure those. There are great options for this including the Safety 1st Outsmart Slide Lock ($7.99, seen below) which prevents them from being able to open the cabinets or drink the hazardous cleaners – and they have a neat little ‘decoy’ button that outsmarts the genius generation called our babies. I leave my tupperware cabinets open to give her something to get into, she loves to play around with them and there’s no harm there!Safety 1st baby proof cabinets fridge more
  6. Block off the oven, fridge, dishwasher or like appliances. The oven is a given, but many people don’t think about it!  And the dishwasher gives little ones access to knives and other sharp objects. The rest of the appliance items listed (fridge, etc.) are typically just nuisance items that you don’t want them getting into. The Safety 1st Outsmart Multi-Use Lock ($7.99, seen above) is great for these appliances and keeping little ones out of them.
  7. Install toilet locks. Keep your little one from getting into unsanitary water, drowning hazards, or from smashing little fingers. Toilet locks are great for this, and are inexpensive as well.
  8. Do not use window shades with strings. I actually seen a TV special on this, and it scared the jeepers out of me. Basically, babies/kids can get caught up in the strings and it can be a strangulation hazard. Just get rid of them, there are so many other options out there these days!
  9. Edge guards help prevent head injury. There are neat foam pads out on the market now that you can put on coffee tables with sharp corners and edges, so you can have the best of both worlds; your snazzy coffee tables and your baby’s safety.
  10. Make sure your windows have screens. Spring is nearing, and then comes summer and your windows will likely be open to welcome the fresh air. But make sure you have screens in those windows or else don’t even think about opening them.

There are some really great resources out there to help you in your baby proofing efforts. Check them out, they’ll help you think of things you likely forgot and that is critical to your baby’s safety. I hope these tips help got you thinking about your own little one’s safety and your home’s potential hazards.

safety 1st baby gate

A special thanks to Safety 1st for providing the gates and baby safety products featured in this post, and for helping me keep my little one safe!



baby proofing basics

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One thought on “Babyproofing Basics: How to Keep Baby Safe

  • April 4, 2016 at 9:10 pm

    Baby gates are a must. Our oldest would have broken bones right now if it weren’t for being able to lock him out of danger zones.


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