Why Should I Get Winter Tires?


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Winter is a hard time of year, for us and for our vehicles. It’s important to keep them in tip-top shape and prepare them for what’s to come. That includes installing winter and snow tires, here’s a little glimpse into why this Wisconsin Dodge dealer recommends it to be something you should consider this winter.

First off, do you need snow tires?

Maybe. It depends on what the climate is where you live. Typically when a vehicle leaves the lot, they are equipped with all season tires. This is because all season tires give a quiet ride, nice gas mileage, and have a good tread life.

The down sides of all season tires is that they’re not specifically made for driving in winter conditions. All season tires don’t have the same rubber compound in them that snow tires do, it actually gets stiffer in colder temps which gives less traction while driving in frigid conditions.

If you live in a place where winter conditions are rough at times, it’s no question that you will want to look into winter tires. They’ll obviously be much safer while driving in icy and snowy conditions, but you can also look forward to the following benefits of snow tires:

  • They have better grip and traction in the cold.
  • They will brake better than all season tires in the winter.
  • They give peace of mind and confidence that you will be safer on the roads.
  • They allow for less snow buildup.

Other things to consider when it comes to the two types of tires? Well first off, you’ll want to make sure you are replacing all four tires when it comes to installing winter tires. And when winter is over, you’ll need to switch them back to all season as the snow tires will wear much faster in warmer conditions.

Do you put on snow tires in the winter? Leave a comment with what state you’re from and how the conditions are for you this year!

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