When Natural Disaster Hits Your Car


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With Hurricane Matthew hitting so much of the coast and everything South of it, it made me wonder how many people were not only going to be without homes or power, but also wouldn’t have their method of transportation to get anywhere. Maybe your own vehicle got hit with water damage (flooding, hail, etc.) or you’re wondering what to do if that might happen. Either way, it’s good to be prepared and know what to do in a situation like the above. Here’s what you need to know.

1 – First off, this California Hyundai dealer recommends that before a natural disaster, your vehicle has comprehensive coverage. This means that your vehicle is covered in case of natural disasters such as floods, fire, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc. If you find yourself in a situation without comprehensive after a disaster, it doesn’t hurt to check with your homeowners or renter’s insurance to see if your vehicle might be covered.

2 – Next, when an event like this takes place, file your claim as soon as possible. They’re typically taken care of on a ‘first come first served’ basis, so it’s better to be at the beginning of the pack than the end. Remember to write down any interaction you have with your insurance company and keep a good record of where things are at. This can help if things get slow or mis-filed.

Don’t forget to grab some photos of the vehicle. You’ll want to take the pictures from a variety of angles and sides, along with the inside of the vehicle (if it’s safe), trying to get as much coverage of what happened to your car as best as you can.

3 – Know the value of your vehicle and if it’s completely totaled. That way when the insurance company gives you an estimate, you will know if it’s fair or not. You’re not required to accept the price they give you, and if you feel it isn’t fair, you can ask them to reassess. If they don’t budget, ask to talk to a supervisor or manager.

Once you’ve received a check from your insurance, it’s time to purchase a new vehicle. Make sure to do your research and take your time. You’ll find a replacement in no time!

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