Important Tools to Carry in Your Car


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Back when I paid $1,500 for my first car (a Mitsubishi Eclipse) I carried a wide variety of tools with me in my trunk (and some even in my back seat because I used them often). The thing is, you never really know which tools you are going to need – and you hope that you don’t need them – but sometimes you do. So the best thing you can do is attempt to anticipate your cars needs and hopefully be prepared if anything ever goes wrong.

Keep it contained.

I have found that it really works best if you have all your tools in one place. If you happen to have a tool box laying around that you don’t use, grab it and make use of it in your trunk. This keeps all your tools in one place and minimizes the frustration when you need to find them, and they’re scattered throughout the rest of the junk in your vehicle.

Tools to pack in.

This Washington truck dealer recommends carrying a flashlight in your glovebox, so that you will have it at your hand as soon as you need it. Wise! Because if you’re going to go digging through your trunk or even getting out of your car in the dark, a flashlight is a must.

It’s also not a bad idea to carry a set of screwdrivers (both a standard and a Phillips) along with a pair of pliers, an adjustable wrench, a hammer, utility-knife, wire cutters, tire pressure gauge, jumper cables, and a small fire extinguisher. If your vehicle is prone to certain issues as well, be sure to pack in tools that might help in the situation that an issue comes up.

Seasonal items.

You may also want to swap in some more items depending on the season. Here in Minnesota, we know that our summers require much different tools than our winters do. So if you’re coming into fall and you know it’s about to get cold, that means you probably want to throw in an ice scraper, a shovel, traction mats or kitty litter, tow rope or any other items you think could help you if you happen to meet Mother Nature on a bad day.

What tools do you carry in your vehicle on a regular basis? Did we miss any? Leave a comment below!

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