Games to Play on a Family Road Trip


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Summer is the time to take a fun family road trip. We pack up the whole family and everything we probably don’t actually need and hit the dusty trail for some together time and scenic views. But while you’re on that road trip, time tends to get a little long and sometimes you have to get creative! Thanks to a Chrysler dealer in North Carolina, we’ve got some fun games for you to play on your family road trip!

  1. Alphabet Game – This is great for little ones just learning to spell. Everyone has to spell the alphabet (on their own) by finding the letters (in sequence) on signs, vehicles, or whatever is out the window. The first one to finish their alphabet wins!
  2. Road Trip Bingo – Before you leave, make up a few BINGO cards for everyone. In different boxes, put things like a road cone, cows or horses, a convertible, or whatever you might anticipate to see over the course of your trip. Use coins or a marker to cover.
  3. License Plate Game – This is a good one for teaching kids their states and helping with geography. You can print off a map of the USA and have the kids color them in as they spot a license plate from that state, or print off a list of them alphabetically. However you want to present the game to your kids is the perfect way to do it!
  4. Who Knows You Best – Each person comes up with a list of ten questions about themselves. Take turns reading off the ten questions and see who can answer the most correctly. The person who wins each round gets a coin (pennies are good!) and whoever has the most coins after everyone has finished their questions wins.
  5. Color Race – Everyone chooses a color of car before the game begins. Set a time limit (depending on what type of road you are on, you may want to do more than 15 minutes, if you’re on a freeway, 10 minutes is probably good!) And whoever has the most cars of their color wins!

You might be thinking, what do we do for prizes when someone wins? Well you can either bring snacks (like chocolate bars, or snack mix), or stickers, or you can offer the choice to choose the dinner location, extra pool time, or something fun that seems fitting. Have fun and as long as you’re passing the time, that’s all that matters! 🙂

What road trip game does your family play? Leave a comment below and share!

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