DIY Easy Headlight Cleaning Solutions


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Does your vehicle have the common headlight problem that mine does? The headlights work just fine, they shine and light things up and all… but when you look at them in the daytime, there’s a certain gunk or fog to them that coats the clear plastic. What do you do to get rid of this fog? Here are some tricks to help you out. If all else fails, you can bring it to your favorite New York Dodge dealer and they’ll do it professionally.

Toothpaste. This hack is all over the internet, just apply toothpaste to your headlights and cover thoroughly. Allow it to sit, and then rub in a circular motion to work out the fogginess. Rinse well and use furniture polish or a headlight protector to prevent fog from happening again. Here’s a video of how it is done:

Sandpaper. Many people swear by using a wet/dry sandpaper. First wet the sandpaper, and starting with a coarser grit, work your way to a finer grade as the film seems to disappear. It also helps to clean your headlights with soap and warm water before using this process. Also, you’ll want to use painter’s tape to tape off the areas around the headlight as well if you are using sandpaper, you don’t want to take off any of the paint and have a bigger issue! You’ll also want to finish with a buffing compound that can be found at an automotive store, or back to the old toothpaste trick.

Lens Repair Kit. If you want to be legit and technical or if you think the fog on your headlights is heavier than the average vehicle, you can pick up a lens repair kit at your local automotive store. This kit will come with everything you need to complete the job, and runs somewhere around $15.

Insect Repellant. This one surprised me but I guess it actually works! Though it is not a long term solution, and is only about 90% effective, it’s an easy one and you probably have insect repellent laying around your home! Simply spray the insect repellent on a cloth or towel and rub on your headlights until clear. Then rinse off with soap and water. Make sure you don’t get any of this on the paint of your car, and do not spray it directly on the headlights either! It will remove paint and/or make it bubble. Yuck!

After each of these processes, it’s advised that you apply a wax or polish to protect the headlights.

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