Best Options to Keep Your Child Safe {and Warm} in Their Car Seat


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It seems like every Facebook mom board that I am on has been talking about this topic lately. The whole ‘bulky winter jackets in the car seat’ conversation just goes round and round. It’s a tough spot for moms, because obviously we want our kids warm when it’s freezing cold outside but it’s tricky when it comes at the cost of keeping them safe at the same time. So how can we combine the best of both worlds? I’ve done some research with the help of my New York Jeep dealer on how to make it work – easily and effortlessly.

Top Options for Keeping Kids Warm & Safe in Their Car Seats

#1) Ponchos

My personal favorite option for keeping little ones warm (and safe) in their car seat is to either make or purchase a car seat poncho. These things are amazing and so easy to work with. You put the poncho on them inside, then when you go out to the car, the poncho part just lifts up and goes over the harness, then acts like a fleece blanket while your child is in their seat. I’ve used them for two years now and they are just amazing.

#2) Thin Fleece Jacket & Blankets

If your little one is still in a bucket seat, it’s a great idea to dress them in a warm fleece jacket and then add blankets on top. They’ll be warm and also safe. If your children are out of the infant seat already, you can still use this trick and then add a thicker coat when you get out of the vehicle. This makes the trip to the car much easier and it gives them a little more warmth than just wearing a shirt in the vehicle.

#3) Car Seat Cover

When my little one was in her infant seat still, I purchased a car seat cover that would go over her when we went out into the cold. It was made out of a sherpa material so it was uber warm, and it also helped to break the wind and keep her out of the elements when we were outside. There are safe and unsafe versions of these, so make sure to do your homework to ensure the one you go with is safe for them.

#4) Car Seat Safe Jackets

There are a handful of jackets on the market right now that offer the warmth of a winter jacket without the bulk (for example, the Lands’ End Squall, or Patagonia also makes some great options). There are even coats designed to be safe in the car seat, they’re modified to allow for straps and harnesses (the brand for this one is OneKid or Buckle Me Baby Coats) isn’t technology great?

It’s great to be warm in the winter, and it’s even better to be safe. These options allow for the best of both worlds! Which option have you found to work best for you? Leave a comment below!

Best ways to keep your kids safe and warm in their car seats this winter

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