6 Awesome Vehicles With Third Row Seating


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It’s a well-known topic in many of my mom groups, that vehicles with third row seating are ideal for growing families. I’ve seen the question over and over, what vehicles offer 3rd row seating? They’re not as common as you might think, so when it comes to finding one for your family, it may take a little bit of research. Thanks to our friends at this New Jersey Ford dealer, we’ve got some answers to share.

Ford Expedition

Now with a V6 instead of a V8, the Expedition is getting better gas mileage on top of it’s great seating accommodations. This SUV is pretty prevalent when you’re driving around and it’s no wonder why, it’s an affordable option for a great vehicle.

Lincoln Navigator

The Navigator is supposedly one of the most ‘accommodating’ for space. It actually comfortably seats adults, which we all know is rare in the back row. It gives plenty of head space, leg room and knee space as well. Gas mileage? This one gets 15 mpg city and 21 highway.

Chevrolet Suburban

Often called the ‘hockey mom minivan’ here in Minnesota, Suburbans are everywhere when you go to a sports arena of any sort. Here’s why, they have amazing third row seating, plus enough room in the back to store loads of things like hockey bags, baseball equipment, football pads or you know, groceries.

Buick Enclave

If you’re looking for something a little more compact, the Enclave might be a good option for you. The second row actually slides front and back to give you space to get in and out of the back seat. For gas mileage, you’ll find the Enclave right in the ballpark of these other vehicles – 15 city/22 highway.

Nissan Pathfinder

I have heard the the Pathfinder is one of the only vehicles that allowed you to easily access the rear seat by the second row seats sliding all the way forward. Why is this important? Well if you have car seats in the second row, you really can’t fold the seat down, so the option to slide is a great perk!

Honda Odyssey

One of the only minivans I will feature in this post, the Honda Odyssey gets high ratings for it’s third row seating. Once again you get that sliding second row seat when you purchase the fifth-generation model along with an 8-inch “infotainment” touch screen up front to make life easy on the driver.

These are just a few of the great options out there when it comes to finding third row seating for your family vehicle. Do your research and find out what’s important to you when it comes to features, and you’re sure to find the perfect one for you!

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