TGIF! It’s Time for the Weekend


Ooooh boy, this week (although short because of the fourth of July on Monday) seemed to last forever. That whole ‘illness’ of mine took a lot out of me but I’m feeling pretty good now! Thanks for askin 😉

Onto the next order of business, my whole sunburn from last weekend has taunted me further into this week. The skin decided to become white flakes and start peeling, leaving me looking like I was slowly becoming mummy-nized. Not. Cool. I didn’t want to show you how gross it is on me, so I’m giving you a glimpse of this guy instead because I think he feels my pain.

I used exfoliating beats in my soap to get the dead skin off. Bad idea, because the ‘burn’ part of ‘sunburn’ is much worse than I’d initially imagined. My forehead did not stop stinging for the rest of the night, not to mention it was as red as Santa for the whole evening as well. Lesson being – wear lots and lots of sunscreen. Lots.

Honey and I are planning a fun trip for August here, coming up! I’m so pumped, and he is too. That’s where we initially got engaged and it’s our little tradition so we’re going back for year three!! I’ll tell you more about it as the time comes 🙂

I should also give you an update on our little family garden we have over here… It’s growing so big!! Our tomato plants are really coming along, and of course, that’s what I’m most excited for. But as I mentioned before, we also have cucumbers, carrots, beans, strawberries, watermelon, cantaloupe, pumpkins, corn (which has been destroyed, by evil bunnies) and I also put in some herbs, basic and mint to be specific. Next post up, I will have pictures! Stay tuned 🙂


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