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Our energy bill is always one that I dread seeing. Especially this time of year when we’re running the furnace, fireplace, oven, etc. But I think I would feel a little bit better about the money we’re spending if I knew it was going to help support a cleaner, healthier community for me and my family someday. And with Xcel Energy’s Windsource® program, you can use wind power to do just that!

So what exactly is Windsource®? This is a program that Xcel Energy offers which allows customers like you to pay a little extra each month for energy from renewable resources – such as wind! This program is one of the nation’s leading voluntary green power programs, available in Colorado, Minnesota, Wisconsin, New Mexico and Michigan. It is certified through Green-e, which is the leading consumer protection certification for green power programs that gives a 3rd party verification of the programs.

One REC (renewable energy credit) is given for each MWh unit of renewable electricity produced. These REC’s contain details about the renewable energy generated including when, where, and what type of generation was used.

What is renewable energy? Many of us use the term or hear the term often, but what exactly does renewable energy mean? It is simply energy that we receive from naturally replenished resources such as the sun, wind, rain, waves, etc.

What are the benefits of using alternative forms of energy? You might be thinking, well that’s great but if I’m spending a little extra then what’s going to be in it for me? Well first off, you can rest easy knowing you are part of a growing community of environmentally-conscious consumers who support energy sources that utilize abundant natural resources for a cleaner living environment.

You’ll also help support affordable and domestic energy production that provides great electricity price stability for the future. Not only that, but it will help economic development in rural communities including things like jobs, income for the landowners and tax revenue.

For business customers, you’ll benefit by receiving LEED certification points, along with meeting environmental compliance targets.

Check out this infographic that shows how Windsource® has been working here in Minnesota:

minnesota windsource infographic

In our family, we try to make as many environmentally conscious decisions that we can. Namely using reusable bags when I’m shopping so that the plastic bags don’t end up blowing around in a landfill. I also found some great reusable mesh produce bags to save on those plastic bags as well. Every little bit counts!

In the summer, I try to bike or walk to places that are nearby instead of driving as well – it doesn’t happen all the time but when I’m able to, I do! Every little bit of saved pollution adds up, am I right? I try to bring the family with if possible as well to demonstrate to them how easy it is to be eco-friendly! And kids always love to learn new ways to do things, and of course they love to learn why!

If you want to learn more about Windsource® costs and enrollment, you can call them at 1-800-895-4999 or visit the Windsource® website. You can even take a Virtual Wind Farm Tour if you’re interested in seeing how it all works!


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