Everyday Uses for Lavender: Essential Oil


Uses for lavender essential oil

Lavender is actually one of my favorite essential oils, and it’s nice because it’s one of the affordable ones as well. Some essential oils can get expensive, but you can usually find lavender anywhere from $3-$15, depending on the size and quality. I’ve tried numerous different brands of lavender oil, but the one featured today is from doTERRA.

How to Use Lavender Essential Oil

There are several ways in which you can use lavender oil. Here’s a break-down of your options:

  • Diffuse: I regularly diffuse it at night to aid in relaxation for bedtime. Use 3-4 drops in your diffuse of choice and enjoy!
  • Internal Use: Dilute one drop of oil with 4 oz of liquid.
  • Topical Use: You can apply 1-2 drops of oil on the area of choice. Dilute with a carrier oil to minimize any sensitivity on your skin.

In general, lavender is known for it’s calming and relaxing tendencies. Beyond this, it also helps to soothe skin irritations, ease any muscle tension, and it even helps your skin recover quicker!

Uses for Lavender Oil

Here are some more of the many wonderful uses for lavender essential oils:

  1. Apply lavender to the back of your neck and/or temples to help ease muscle tension.
  2. Breathe in lavender, or put a couple drops of lavender onto your pillow, blankets, or to the bottom of feet to help with relaxation and get a good night’s sleep.
  3. Relieve minor burns, cuts or scrapes with topical use.
  4. Mix with water in a spray bottle for a natural air freshener.
  5. Add to your bath water to soak away your stress and anxieties.
  6. Use in your baking/cooking to add flavor to your desserts or marinades.
  7. Use it to keep bugs away – or soothe itching or irritation from bug bites.
  8. Add lavender to your floor cleaner for a natural shine and clean.
  9. Create a DIY face scrub by combining oatmeal and 5-8 drops of lavender in a small baby food jar.
  10. Help soothe a cold or flu bug by adding 4-6 drops to a hot bowl of water, place a towel over your head, and slowly inhale the steam.
  11. Relieve your sinuses, allergies or congestion by placing a couple drops of lavender on your chest or the back of your neck.
  12. Create a calming bath time for your little one before bed time.
  13. A couple drops of lavender oil can help ease acne or breakouts.

Want to learn more about using essential oils? Virginia George is hosting a little “Essential Oil Extravaganza” offering daily learning opportunities for free. There’s so much to learn!

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