Hilarious Costume Ideas For Kids


Okay. It’s almost Halloween (t-minus 6 days and counting) and time is running out to choose a costume. I’ve always been one to try and be creative, then I end up going as something that 50 other people also thought was creative. Anyways, long story short, I’m not usually very good at this kind of thing. But the following kids are totally owning this Halloween thing.

Try not to smile at the cuteness (and hilarity) of these kids Halloween costumes.

  1. Little Old Granny
Image credits: costume-works.com
Image credit: costume-works.com

2. Albert Einstein

Image credit: imgur.com
Image credit: imgur.com

3. “Glowy Zoey”

Glowy Zoe
Credit: Visual Burrito on YouTube

4. Clark Kent

clark kent kids costume
Image Credit: Heavy.com

5. Carl From “Up”

Image Credit: Imgur.com
Image Credit: Imgur.com

6. Deer Hunter

Image: TheChive.com
Image: TheChive.com

7. Dumb & Dumber

Image: Costume-Works.com
Image: Costume-Works.com

And after all that, I think little A’s gonna be Minnie Mouse this year. But hey, those kids look crazy cute, don’t they? đŸ™‚Â Babies in Halloween costumes are just the best.

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