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My Secret Caribou Holiday Drinks


I partnered with Caribou Coffee to create this advertorial post. All opinions are my own.

The holiday season always makes me feel like I need a cup of hot coffee in my hand, and the smell of evergreen, cinnamon, and cranberries wafting through my home. This time of year, my tastebuds seem to crave a different type of taste – it wants chocolate, or hazelnut, and lots of whip (naturally). Fortunately, I can stop by any Caribou Coffee right now and create my own specialized drink – custom made just for me.

How? They have 528 different combinations of drinks you can create. Really? Really. Believe me I tested, created and came up with my absolute new favorite drink. I call it – my Christmas ChocoNut Mocha. Yup, I even gave it a name. Of course, I can’t order it by that or they’d probably look at me like I was on something, it’s just my pet name for it.


{The Elusive} Christmas ChocoNut Mocha

Here’s what it entails:

Drink: Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Truffle Mocha (yes, it is as amazing as it sounds)

Whip: Chocolate

Chips: Brownie Bites


Of course I can’t pick up a coffee for myself without grabbing one for my hubby (he’s high-maintenance like that, lol! I kid) but I do like to get him one so I don’t feel so bad indulging in one myself.

He is a mint fanatic, and usually gets the mint condition at Caribou, so to switch it up on him a bit, I created what I like to call, his Minty Mantra. It takes the Ho Ho Mint Mocha, uses mint whip, and is topped with chocolate chips on top. You could do Andes Mints, but I thought that might send him over the top on his mint journey. You may have seen my social posts with our trademark drinks, they’ve even got the festive #TopBou hashtag, where you can click and also check out other’s Caribou Coffee creations.


Get in on the Fun

I challenge you to test out your creative coffee bone (is that a thing? It is now.) and come up with your own trademark holiday drink at Caribou. They’re even running a promo on Tuesdays (starting 11/15 and going throughout the holidays) where they will have a special deal each week!

The festive combination options include:

  • Sip: Dark chocolate Raspberry Truffle Mocha, Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Truffle Mocha, Caramel White Chocolate Mocha, Fa La Latte, Ho Ho Mint Mocha
  • Whip: Mint, Vanilla, Raspberry, Chocolate
  • Chip: Candy cane, Brownie bites, Snicker doodle, Dark chocolate chips, Milk chocolate chips, White chocolate chips

What would you create with these? Leave a comment and share!!

Coffee cheers!


Super top secret Caribou Coffee holiday drinks worth trying
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