Honey I Shrunk My Snappers! {Get ’em here!}


This is a sponsored post on behalf of the Edward Marc Brands. All opinions are 100% my own. 

If you follow any of my Instagram posts, you probably noticed that I like to eat, like a lot. And when it comes to a snack item, my favorite is hands-down, every single time, chocolate.

Now I love all chocolate, I don’t discriminate. But my favorite way to have chocolate is in the form of Snappers (you can even see my last Snappers post for proof… Or the one before that when I’d first discovered them…)

Okay, great, now you know their name and that they’re the most amazing thing you could ever want. But what are they? I’m glad you asked. They’re delicious little crunchy pretzels, with a dollop of soft creamy caramel, drizzled with dark chocolate, and topped with savory sea salt. YUM!

Well as the title suggests, these little treasures are now offered in mini size!! Yes, that’s right bite-size, my friends. Before, I could usually get two or three bites out of one, but now you can pop them in all in one bite.

I wanted to give you a side by side comparison just for kicks.

Either way, no matter the size, these things are freaking delicious. I put some in a bowl for a brunch that I had and let me tell you, they disappeared and guests asked one question, “What ARE these things??” Another guest quickly replied, “Addicting, that’s what they are.”

Yup, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

They didn’t care about my thoughtfully crafted French toast, perfectly cooked hashbrowns, savory sausage or impeccable mimosas, nope. They wanted to know my Snappers secret.

Well the secret’s out of the bag now (literally, pun intended) 🙂 You can ONLY find these amazing minis in a 24oz bag at Costco, and you’ll definitely want to, because then you can officially be part of the “I freaking love Snappers” club.

Find your nearest store that sells Snappers near you! Then boogie on out and grab a bag on your next shopping trip, your husband will thank you, the kids will thank you, and any guests that linger will also thank you.

And don’t forget to check out their social channels as well to keep up with new launches like this one!

Come back and leave a comment after you’ve tried them, I’m excited to hear your feedback!

Until next time,

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