Ad: Kraft & Tyson’s Hunger Heroes Fight Poverty in the USA


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If your family is anything like mine, you tend to go through certain food items like crazy. Like, you can’t even keep them in-stock in the pantry, freezer or fridge because they are loved that much. I think we can all relate that some of these items might include juice boxes, chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese – am I right? Well, that’s the case in my house anyways. And I think that families around the nation, both privileged and underprivileged, are in the same boat. But the difference is, some very hungry people can’t afford to keep their favorite items in their home – but that can change with your help this summer, you can fight hunger starting in August with Kraft & Tyson’s Hunger Heroes program.

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Tyson & Kraft’s Hunger Heroes Program

Kraft and Tyson’s Hunger Heroes program is all about action. It’s about turning your family into superheroes and using your super power to give back to families just like yours. Starting in August, Tyson and Kraft will feed a child in need each time you purchase one or all of the following from Sam’s Club:

  1. Tyson® Fully-Cooked Chicken Nuggets (5 lb. bag)
  2. KRAFT Macaroni & Cheese Dinner (7.25 oz, 12-pack)
  3. Capri-Sun (6 oz, 40-pack)

Tyson Kraft Hunger Hero Items #shop

Giving Back: Fight Poverty

This is your chance to help all those hungry people out there who are right there in your hometown, your home state or just in the good old USA. I’m looking forward to not only stocking up on my family’s delicious essentials, but also giving back and helping hungry kids around the nation.

But I didn’t want to stop there. I wanted to give back with these comforting essentials right now, so I headed to my local food shelf to provide them the same delicious eats that my family enjoys. Food shelves can always use pasta and drinks, so I headed out with a stash of those items (the Kraft macaroni & cheese along with some Capri Sun packages) to donate. I would have brought the Tyson chicken nuggets as well but I’d already opened the bag that I bought and had cooked up a batch of them already 🙂

Hunger Heroes helps hungry kids #shop

If you too are feeling ambitious, you can give back right now as well! There are plenty of ways for you to help fight hunger right now in your community in June and July, even before the Hunger Heroes program begins – which is in August!

Whether it be bringing some nonperishable items to your local food shelf, or serving at your local soup kitchen, it will be more-than-appreciated from those that you are serving. Beyond that, if you are wondering how to stop hunger, there are lots of other ways to help. You can:

  • Cook for a neighbor who is struggling (mentally, financially or even medically)
  • Give frozen meals to friends or family who need it
  • Join a volunteer group that packs meals
  • Make sandwiches and give them to homeless or hungry in your area, or donate them to a local mission who will do that for you

We’re all in this together. Whatever you can afford to give, whether it is in time or goods, it’s going to help others who are just like you but who just may have it worse. And that’s exactly what this Hunger Heroes program aims to do; help fight hunger and poverty in the USA. I think that’s a pretty great mission if you ask me!

Shop for Hunger Heroes Fight Hunger #shop

So be sure to check out Kraft and Tyson’s Hunger Heroes program at your local Sam’s Club starting in August, and help give back a meal to those who need it.

Looking forward to it 🙂


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  • June 28, 2014 at 6:09 pm

    Look at you flying through Sam’s Club to be a Hunger Hero. You are too fun! I love the ideas for giving back as well. Thank you for the suggestions. #client


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