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About four years ago, I took one of the coolest VIP tours a kid like me could ever dream of (I was in my 20’s, that counts as me being a kid right?) It was of the Kemps Ice Cream factory down in Rochester, MN. It was beyond anything I could have imagined. (Think something like Willy Wonka but with a twist *get it? twist? heh*) Anyway, after the tour, we created our very own ice cream flavor and named it “Bloggers Delight” (clever, right?) and it was essentially chocolate and potato chips, trust me it was better than sounds as you read this. Here’s a quick throwback…

making ice cream
#Tbt to my 2013 tour of Kemps – full post can be seen here!

Ah, that was pre-kid.. I look so young and well-rested. Anyway, it was a BLAST. And I wanted to share with you because this could be you. You could be the one creating your own flavor of ice cream in Kemps Locally Crafted Sweepstakes! Your flavor could be chosen by Kemps as one of the best flavors, along with being produced and ready for purchase later on this year! Along with this, you’ll also have the chance of winning a year supply of Kemps ice cream (this one’s randomly chosen so you’re totally in the running!)

keeps ice cream moose tracks

Create Your Flavor!!

I’m sure when you think of creating your own ice cream flavor, you probably have somewhat of a vague idea running through your head. Instantly, I think of my favorite ice cream base and work up from there. What other foods do you love? For me, I’m obsessed with pie. Rhubarb pie, cherry pie, apple pie, you name it. So  I threw together a combo that my house would go crazy for, are you ready for it? I’m totally going to trademark this so you can’t steal it either 😉 Alright here’s my concoction, I’ve gone ahead and named it “Cherry Changa” simply because I can.

  • Base: Sweet Cream Ice Cream
  • Swirl: Pound Cake, and Cherries

If I was going to get really crazy, I’d add in pie crust of some sort or some marshmallows to mimic whipped cream. YUM. It’d be basically eating a piece of cherry pie with ice cream on top, except a little backwards in a good way! As an added bonus, when you enter Kemps’ sweepstakes (see the sweepstakes widget at the bottom of this post), you’ll be able to download a coupon as well as a little ‘thank you’ for entering!

Kemps Ice Cream

If you want some inspiration for your ice cream entry, just take a stroll down the freezer section of your favorite grocery store and see what Kemps has to offer currently. It might just spark some ideas! kemps at target We popped in on our latest trip to Target and hubby had no problem choosing a couple flavors to take home that day. And let me tell ya, little miss doesn’t complain about being served ice cream these days. Every time I sit down on the couch with a carton (hey, I see you over there judgey-mcjudger pants…) she ponies up next to me and asks for her spoon. Who said two-year-olds don’t know what’s going on? I don’t buy it for a second. Kemps cookie dough An interesting tidbit that I learned while working with Kemps was that their company was born in 1914 (making it over 100 years old now!) It was originally started as a small creamery in southeastern Minnesota and has grown to be the brand that it is today! And actually, you’ll probably be interested to hear that every time a Kemps product is purchased, money goes back to the family farmers to continue caring for their cattle. It’s a company made by family farmers, giving back to family farmers – full circle! Enough from me though, you have an ice cream flavor to go create! What’s it going to be?

Enter Here!!

#KempsLocallyCrafted #Sweepstakes (5/1 to 5/31)

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2 thoughts on “2017 Kemps Locally Crafted Sweepstakes!

  • May 2, 2017 at 2:56 pm

    I also love pie and ice cream. 🙂 What a great idea to combine your favorite flavors with ice cream. I would love a bowl of Kemps Ice Cream right now! YUM! -client


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