The Latest Fitness Gear Worth Trying


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Being in the fitness industry, I see a lot of products come and go. The ones that stick around, they stay around for a reason. They’re worth trying, and using consistently. I’ve done a previous fitness product round-up but since new things are constantly coming out to the market, I wanted to put some more of the latest and greatest to your radar.

Let’s get started!!

The Latest in Fitness and Health Products

  1. Perfect Bar* – This summer, I was on a big kick to try and up my protein intake. I was teaching an average of four fitness classes a week, and I knew I had to get my macros in line in order to keep my body running at top performance. I learned about Perfect Bars, and they were a great way to get my protein without having to make a shake. I’d have them for breakfast, pre or post-class, and it was awesome! The bars are Non-GMO, gluten-free, kosher, and they pack in vitamins and minerals. Plus they’re sweetened with organic honey, and guess what, they’re pretty darn good!! My husband snuck a few on his way to baseball practice and hoped I didn’t notice. I did, but I don’t mind sharing a good thing 😉Perfect Bar Protein
  2. Rollga* – If you find yourself with tense or tight muscles, introduce yourself to the Rollga. I have chronic pain in my upper back between my shoulder blades and it gets so tight if I sleep on it wrong or overwork it. I have a regular foam roller, but it doesn’t get into that shoulder blade area and it doesn’t help much. But when I gave the Rollga a try, it was WONDERFUL. the indents in the middle go along your spine and get the exact spots that bother me all the time. You use your body weight to put pressure on the roller and ease away pain or relax muscles. You can also use it on your feet, wrists/forearms, hip-flexors, neck and shoulders.Rollga movement and massage tool
  3. Hidrate Spark* – I reviewed the Hidrate Spark (smart water bottle) this summer because I was enamored by the technology of it. It’s a smart water bottle that syncs up with your phone to keep track of how much water you’re drinking in a day. It also glows when it senses it’s time that you hydrate, and it syncs with your Fitbit as well so that your water intake will show up when you sync your steps! It’s genius.hidrate spark
  4. Groove Rings* – Silicone wedding bands are the new rage when it comes to working out. Have you ever tried to life weights or workout with your wedding band on? It sucks. My husband would get blisters from his ring, and I would just not wear mine. Then he tried Groove rings and they were a game changer. My husband swore by his to the point that I had to try it and now I wear them too. They’re so lightweight and soft that they don’t bother you like a metal band would.Groove Life Rings
  5. WhirlyBoard* – I actually tried this out as a kids gift – but my husband and I have gotten a little more attached to it. The board was originally created for board sports (it’s a balance board) but it’s actually even more than that. You can use it to work on your balance, one-legged balance, fitness training, and more. It’s fun, it’s functional and it’s been a hit in our house!Whirly-Board

What new kinds of fitness and health products are you loving these days? I love hearing about what new things are out and worth giving a try! Leave a comment below and share!


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