Hidrate Spark 2.0 Review: The Smart Water Bottle


Browsing my Facebook feed a couple weeks ago, I seen an ad for a ‘smart water bottle’. It sparked my curiosity and naturally I had to dig a little deeper. Turns out, the Hidrate Spark 2.0 is even better than it seems. I reached out to them to review one of their smart water bottles and was pleasantly surprised when they said yes! Here’s what I’ve learned after giving it a two week test drive.

The Easiest Way to Track How Much Water You're Drinking Every Day
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I used to think that I drank enough water in a day, I’d have a few glasses full each day and bring a bottle to class with me when I teach. They say the easiest way to gauge how much you should be drinking is to take half your body weight in ounces. So if you weight 150 pounds, you should generally be drinking about 75 oz of water every day. And if you’re super active, you’ll want to drink even more obviously 🙂

Hidrate Spark water bottle at the park

Well turns out, I was getting probably 25-50% of the amount of water that I should’ve been drinking. I had no idea I was lacking that much! In the first couple days of having the Hidrate Spark, I was getting the picture that I was not doing a great job at drinking enough water each day.

In the picture below, the left graph shows my usual water drinking habits… the next graph on the right shows the following week where I could actively track how much water I was drinking and striving to drink more! I more than doubled my intake, which was great to see!

How to drink more water

It’s actually pretty amazing, the difference you feel after you make hydrating your body a priority. The whole water drinking movement came up after I’ve been taking different nutrition and fitness/health classes to keep up my group fitness certification. The classes have put much more importance on drinking more water to keep your body running at peak performance. Your body is 75% water, you’ve probably heard that. But did you know that your blood stream is 85% water? How about that your muscles, organs, skin, brain, and more – they’re all a huge percentage water.

Crazy isn’t it?

smart water bottle

So you can see why people put such an emphasis on staying hydrated. It’s more than just drinking water to keep your system healthy. It’s a whole series of benefits, beyond what you can really even imagine.

And with the Hidrate Spark, it syncs up with your Fitbit, so you can even see your water intake inside the Fitbit app too! And when you aren’t drinking enough water, the smart water bottle actually glows to remind you like “HEY YOU! Drink more water. You’re welcome.”

Since I started my ‘drink more water’ goal with the Hidrate Spark, I’ve definitely found myself drinking way more water than before. Now I can track how many times I’ve refilled my bottle instead of wondering if this was the second or third bottle of water I’d drank that day. All the calculations are taken out of the mix for me, all I have to do is drink the water.


Then drink more water.

Do you drink enough water? You probably think you are close but have you done the math…

HALF your body weight, in ounces.

If you are busy like me, and can’t keep track of how much water you’re drinking, you may enjoy seeing just how much you are taking in with the Hidrate Spark. I’ve found it very helpful 🙂

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Hidrate Spark 2.0 Smart Water Bottle
Reviewed by Sarah Carlson


Smart water bottle that glows to remind you to stay hydrated
Rating: 5

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