Not Your Mother’s One-Piece Swimsuit


One piece swimsuits are back, they have been for a couple years. But now your options are many! One-pieces are known for covering up imperfections or giving modesty to your swimwear out in public – and don’t we all love BOTH of those things?

So when I’ve recently been on the hunt for a cute one-piece, I’ve found all kinds of cute styles! I just had to share some options with you guys, I think you’ll like them!

One Piece Swimwear

One Piece Swimwear by divinediva18 featuring 1 piece bathing suits

Which one is your favorite? I love that pink one!

You can also find a lot of cute options on Amazon, I recently discovered. Definitely read the reviews though and see how other buyers thought that they fit. Sometimes you’ll read that it ran a little small (or a little big) so that you can adjust your purchase accordingly.

Here are a few cute options they have on there right now!


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