My Lululemon Workout Favorites


I’ve been wanting to do a feature on Lululemon for quite some time. They are a brand known for their high-end yoga and workout wear. The first piece of Lululemon that I owned was a pair of black Groove pants and I have been hooked ever since. Why? Because it’s quality workout wear that you could (and I seriously do) live in.

So for my little feature today, I wanted to feature my favorite pieces from Lululemon that I adore. I now own too much to count, some I like, and some I love. Here are my favorites:

best lululemon items

Of course, there are many items that I still want to try and have not yet (namely their headbands, yoga mats, and the free to be sports bras which are super cute). But I’m hoping that will come in time!

For now, I am just obsessed with all things Lululemon. There is one thing that I tell friends and family when it comes to buying their stuff. You will want to try it on first because personally, I think they run a little small. I am usually a size 4 and at Lulu, I’m a size 6. Some of the tops, I even purchase as a size 8 (like the Run pullover above) so that it isn’t tight. But that is a total preference factor 😉

It also makes a difference what types of workouts you typically do. I find that for yoga, I can go with any of their tops and be comfortable (however, the tighter tanks do work better for things like down-dog and such, because they will not flip upside down on you! For my hip hop classes, I like to wear the Practice Freely and No-Limits tanks because they give me room to move around and not have any chaffing with high-impact workouts.

For the pants, I love any of them for yoga. But I especially love the wunder under crops for my hip hop and zumba classes. The Groove yoga pants get a little warm when you’re doing the high level cardio though, so I stick to the capris. I also have a pair of Groove crops that work well for the high-impact classes as well.

Do you have a favorite piece from Lululemon? Share in the comments!!!


2 thoughts on “My Lululemon Workout Favorites

  • May 21, 2013 at 12:26 am

    Out of curiosity…is this a sponsored post?

    I bought the scuba hoodie around christmas this year. I absolutely love it because its so thick and structered its more like a jacket, but cozy and perfect for post workout (especially when you’re at the gym and have to go to your car).

    I agree that everything runs small, I wish they had more sizes as I’m a 12 which they don’t have many of and some of that doesn’t fit me. Or if it fits its not flattering. I agree that their stuff is good quality, although it seems since they went public they’ve had more product snafus then they’ve had success.

  • May 22, 2013 at 2:53 am

    Hey Katie! Love your feedback. I wish it was a sponsored post but it sadly is not. I just absolutely adore their stuff. I’ve heard awesome things about the scuba hoodie too, so its good to hear your thoughts on that one too. I haven’t heard about too many snafu’s but I suppose I haven’t been too tuned into them either. Thanks for your comment, lady!

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