Minnesota Fall Fashion Style


I absolutely love Minnesota in the fall, it’s so beautiful. The crisp air, where it’s not too chilly, but not too hot. You don’t have to wear a coat, but you can finally wear your jeans again and maybe skip a day between leg shaving?? hehe – so when it comes to fall fashion this year in Minnesota, what should we be wearing? Well you have so many different options. Here are some beautiful styles that anyone could pull off!

First, let’s cover the essentials that are uber-versatile and you can pair them with so many different options. The only thing you won’t see here are jeans, because jeans never go out of style! (bell bottoms aside, Mom…)

Fall Fashion Essentials
Now that you’ve seen the basics and essentials, you should also know where to make the bold statements. You don’t want to be too safe, because fashion is all about being unique and expressing yourself! Here are some fun pieces to add to your fall wardrobe.
Fall Forward
What are your fall fashion forward go-to’s? I personally think leopard print goes with everything but that’s just me! 🙂

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