Volunteering With Today’s Youth


Hubby and I were asked this summer to help with our church youth’s program. We are in charge of events, programs, bible studies, Sunday school, and that kind of thing. It’s a big task to take on (we are sharing the duty with 2 other couples) but it still heavy on my shoulders already. It’s always a little nerve-wracking to know that you are in charge of big events with kids being the primary judges of how you did.

Growing up, I taught Sunday school at my church when I was 17 and 18 years old. I felt like I had a good connection to the kids, because I myself was still a kid at heart. Now I’m 26 years old and a little more distant in age gap than what I was back then. I’m not feeling the ‘cool adult’ vibe completely but more so someone who is going to get them in trouble if they don’t listen. I know, ME, right?

I know how to talk to kids, and have fun with kids, but I’m not sure I’m quite the adult-figure that I should be for this role. It makes me a little anxious. I mean, I can’t relate to the kids they talk about in school, or the teachers that they despise (although I do know some of them, so I’m a little cool there right?) but I’m still looking for more ways to find common ground between them and me.

Not to mention, little vent session, that hubby is supposed to be in on this equally. But his work schedule (or so he says) keeps him from helping 100%, which puts a little more pressure on me too.

The youth runs from grade 6 through 12, it’s a wide range for sure. I want to be seen as a fun role model for them, but I want to be respected. I want them to learn, but I want them to have fun. Is there a happy median? I don’t know, I’m seriously asking!

So my question to you is, how do I make that happen? How do I find the common ground with our youth and be a person they can look up to, but someone accessible to them if they have personal problems they want to talk about?

I’m open for advice, tips, and anything you have for me!!


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