The Top 10 Lies We All Tell


Have you ever come up with a little white lie; to get out of work, out of going to an event, or just because you didn’t want to do something? Well there was a recent survey done by OnePoll that found out that 80% of people are guilty of telling a white lie every now and then. I thought the results were kind of amusing so I wanted to share 🙂

Here are the top 10 most popular white lies that were found to be told in the survey.

Lies we all tell

“I’m on my way!”

… Over 62% of people admitted that was a lie.

“I got stuck in traffic!”

… 53% of respondents said that was a lie. They were just running late.

“I like your outfit!”

… 53% of people said this is a lie.

“It was on sale!”

… Although more popular among women, almost 45% of people told the occasional fib about how much they were spending.

“I’m sick!”

… 44% of people said they’ll play hooky by playing sick.

“My phone ran out of battery!”

… 41% of respondents dodged a conversation by blaming technology.

“I only had one drink!”

… 36% of respondents said, that was a lie.

“I didn’t have any phone signal!”

… 44% of people just didn’t want to answer.

“I have to hang out with my family.”

… 35% of people said they had lied about spending time with loved ones.

“I speak fluent Finnish.”

… 32% of our respondents admitted to adding to their resume a little bit.

Guilty as charged? How many of these have you been known to fib about? There’s also an infographic that goes along with the study, you can see that here if you’re interested!


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