Rhubarb Love – Follow up to Pinterest Inspires


Alright ladies, as promised, I am filling you all in on how things went with the mound of rhubarb I got from the garden! So was it another one for the ‘Pinterest Success’ record books?? I am happy to say, YES!!! I didn’t know this before but I am in LOVE with rhubarb! Also, did you know it is a vegetable?!?! I didn’t either.

So, remember this bag…?


This is what it looks like now…



The first thing I did was make a rhubarb sauce (I figured I’d start out easy). I didn’t really know what I was doing, but I got some great guidance from Recipetips.com. Much to my delight, I tasted it and it was amazing!!!! Then I took a little break and enjoyed it over some greek yogurt 😉

Then it was back to work. The next thing I made was rhubarb crumble. This was a little more difficult…but in the grand scheme of things, super easy! Somehow, I still managed to read the directions wrong and made it upside down, with the crumble on the bottom instead of on the top. Lucky for me, it still tastes the same!!! YUUUUMMMMMMM!!!! I might add a little powdered sugar to the top to make it look a little more appealing though! I got my recipe from The Putman Place.

In fact, this mission was such a great success that I am going to dare to make a rhubarb pie for an upcoming BBQ we are having at our house. I have to find some way to use the other 3/4 of the rhubarb plant, right???

Love, M

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