Oh, You’re a Newlywed


While I had a few spare minutes to write, I thought I would. Since it’s been a while (okay a long while) since I posted last. I figured I should bite the bullet and realize that I’m never going to have longer than oh, a half hour, to post. So now’s the time! Go.

Not much has changed, surprisingly. I’m now almost 4 months into marriage and we’re still both alive. So that’s a good sign. Although I can probably contribute that to not seeing him too much lately. No really. I don’t. Work has completely consumed him and I’m a little bit on the backburner. But he assures me he won’t be as caught up in it come Monday so we’ll see.

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In the meantime, I’ve been able to work out more (and shop more) after work. So it’s not all that bad.

This week, I’ve biked, walked, gone to hip hop dance class and yoga. Not bad! Also tonight I went to Body Flow – which is a cross between yoga and pilates. It was a great workout for my arms (which need it) and the legs got a work out too.

In other events, it seems no matter where I go these days, they say one of the following:

  1. How’s married life?
  2. Where’s your husband?
  3. Oh, that’s right – you’re a newlywed!

And I think anyone can attest to the same old question, ‘Now what about babies?’ All of these aside, I can think of way more interesting questions to ask me. Like, how is my job? How is the new house coming? Did I have a nice summer? Heck, they could ask if I showered today – just anything but the same old questions 🙂 But at the same time, we all know that being a newlywed – you’re going to get those same questions so I suppose it’s part of the territory!

Speaking of my better half, I found him a bike on Craigslist so that he could come biking with me. It’s kind of my own little way to trick him into working out with me. It’s so boring when you work out alone sometimes! I really lucked out because it was a nice mountain bike that has barely ever been used – all for $25! Can’t beat that! It’s great exercise and when I put my heart rate monitor on and bike, I got my heart rate up to 142 and that wasn’t even really trying. With hip hop class, it was almost up to 200. Now that’s some fat burning right there!

On one last note, I read the book ‘Heaven is For Real’ last weekend over Labor Day. I have to say that it is one of the best books I have read in a long time. It was so though provoking and incredible that I couldn’t put it down. I read it in 2 days flat, and highly, highly recommend it.

Anyways, that’s all I have for tonight!

Until next time, for sure.


One thought on “Oh, You’re a Newlywed

  • September 12, 2011 at 1:32 am

    Had to laugh when when you wrote the three phrases everyone says to you. While I no longer hear those same phrases (5 years married) I now hear:1. Three kids, wow you must be busy.2. How are you sleeping at night? (I have a newborn).3. Are you done having kids?Yep, people are unoriginal when it comes to small talk 🙂

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