Modern Day Wedding Etiquette

I feel like there’s a lot of confusion out there when it comes to weddings. Yes, they’ve adapted over the years to new and creative celebrations but the long time tradition still lives strong. I think it’s time to clarify some main points that seem to have gotten lost in wedding etiquette.

For the Couple: 

  • Don’t put where you’re registered in your wedding invitations. Leave it to your bridal party to spread the word, or they can also put it in your bridal shower invitations. Not your wedding invitations.
  • Allow guests enough time to RSVP. Don’t send the invitation out a month before the wedding and expect your RSVP’s back in a week or two.
  • Yes, the wedding is about you, but it’s also respectful to consider your guests and their needs. Losing sight of this can make for some uncomfortable guests.
  • Be sure to give a special thanks to people who made a big contribution or have helped shape your wedding into what it became. Especially don’t forget to thank your parents, your bridal party, and your officiant. There’s no need to thank your caterer, bartender, or baker. You paid them to do their job, you didn’t pay your family and friends to be there (or, at least I hope you didn’t…)

For the Guests:

  • Be punctual. No one wants you walking in at the ceremony during the bridal party entrance. How embarrassing!
  • Don’t wear white. It’s the bride’s big day, and her time to shine. Any color (other than ivory or white) is fair game. Oh, and steer clear of glitter and sequins. Anything that tries to steal the spotlight is a no-no.
  • Handle your liquor. Just because the alcohol is free, doesn’t mean that you should over-consume. Not only will you regret it, but the bride and groom will remember the ones who stepped out of line at the wedding when they were completely intoxicated, and you don’t want to be the one to ruin the party.
  • Don’t complain to the bride, groom, or their family. They worked hard to make the day special and even if your food was cold, the weather was too hot, or the music is too loud; tough. It’s not your part to point that out.
  • RSVP as soon as you know whether you can attend or not. The couple will be trying to put in their final numbers, and late RSVP’s are never welcomed. Whether you can attend or not, let them know. If it’s coming down the wire, don’t go. But let them know you won’t be there. If you haven’t RSVP’d by then, you’ll only be stressing out the couple by adding more guests onto their list.

There’s not too many rules to follow, just have a smile on your face and wish the couple well. If you’re the couple, be gracious to the people who have given up their day to be there. And thank those who have helped make your day great! 🙂



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