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I used to spend a lot of time in Minneapolis, back in my day, and was always one to explore. A few years later, I live in the suburbs and don’t spend nearly as much time downtown but it’s always a nice place to go when you need something to do in the Twin Cities. Here are a few places that I frequented and would recommend checking out if you’re in town.

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1) Nicollet Mall – I know, that doesn’t really narrow it down, but there are so many different shops there that it is so much fun! Don’t just walk the strip though, make sure you go into the little mall commons areas and walk around as well. There’s so many things to be had there! Make sure you check out Gaviidae Commons while you are there, this is my favorite part! It’s an upscale part of the mall with lots of wonderful stores.

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2) Minneapolis Farmer’s Market – For yummy produce, beautiful flowers and a great time, check out the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market on Nicollet. They run on every Thursday (May to November) from 6am – 6pm. If you’re wondering what they all have there, visit their website (that I linked here) and see! It’s a lot of fun, and a great way to support your local farmers.

3) Go to a Twin’s Game – If you haven’t seen a game at the new stadium, you are missing out! There is so much to see and do there that even if you don’t like baseball, you’ll be alright. If you live anywhere on the North suburbs, you can take the Northstar down and not have to deal with parking or traffic. And if you take your ticket stub to Seven right after the game, you’ll receive a free drink. Double bonus!

4) Visit a Unique Restaurant – Yes, there are many unique restaurants down there, it’s true. But here are a few of my favorites:

  • Zelo – They pride themselves in being a mix of historical architecture and funky decor. But I pride them in being an amazing food provider. As Macy talked about before, she loved their foods and the outdoor patio is so nice too!
  • Loring Pasta Bar – One word: Yum!! The hubs and I tried this place out last summer and it was an absolute hit! There aren’t many places where he asks if we can go back; but he loved this place. Not to mention, after our meal, they cleared the floor for salsa dancing at 10pm! They do this on Friday and Saturday nights and it was so much fun!
  • Crave – Yummy meets a friend, this restaurant has such a fun yet classy atmosphere that you can’t help but love it. They have a little bit of everything and serve meals from lunch forward.
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5) Minneapolis Central Library – It might seem sort of boring, but it’s not. This architecturally gifted building is absolutely stunning from the outside and even more inviting on the inside. With the third largest per capita public library collection of any major U.S. city, they’ve got something for you. Beyond books, movies, magazines, and newspapers, they also offer computer access, resume writing classes and basic office software training. Not to mention, there are 25 new meeting rooms you can use, and a children, teen and new American section. Not bad huh?

6) Music and Movies – Throughout the whole summer, Minneapolis puts on free concerts, shows, and movies for the public. You can see a schedule on their website here. With fun free movies in the park like Despicable Me, Shrek, 50 First Dates, and lots more – why wouldn’t you give it a try? Just be sure to bring some chairs or a blanket. And probably some bug spray while you’re at it!

7) Midtown Global Market – Find some yummy eats and produce here! But also, find some fun things to do, and most of them for free! They offer all kinds of classes, family nights, and more. Just check out the event calendar on their website and find something that fits into your schedule.

There are many more to name. I’m sure I’ll continue on another day 🙂 But this is what you get for now! Be sure to get out there and try some of these, it’s always fun to have a little adventure.


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  • July 15, 2011 at 1:50 am

    I really miss Minneapolis, and seeing this post really made it sink in! Great post!! 🙂


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