20 Trendy Date Night Ideas You Haven’t Tried Yet


So you’ve done all the typical movie nights, and game nights and all the usual go-to’s when it comes to date night with your main squeeze. But if you’re looking for something creative and trendy and totally new, then you have come to the right place. After the popularity of our “30 Cheap or Free Couple’s Date Night Ideas“, we decided to give you more of what you love! And today’s topic will bring you to places you haven’t thought of before – are you ready for an adventure? Buckle up, let’s get going!

20 New & Trendy Date Night Ideas

    1. Go for a Paint Night together. These things have been popping up for the last couple years and prove to be a fun little event for a group of friends or for a date night as well. There are also options to make pallet decor, paint pottery, and all kinds of that type of thing. You can find some great options on Groupon (search for local activities or things to do).
    2. Test your smarts at an escape room. Escape rooms are also popping up in various cities near you, you form a group (think of your favorite, smartest friends) and you’re put in a room for a set amount of time. You have to find clues to solve the puzzle and get yourself out of the room before time runs out. It’s an awesome, unique experience that is definitely taking the nation by storm.
    3. Go indoor zip-lining. Do some google searches on this one if you are located outside of Minnesota and I’m sure you’ll find some hits, but I know for a fact that here in Minnesota, we have a few options to choose from. One of the ones that comes to mind first is Barnacle Blast Zip Line (located inside the Mall of America) which is the longest indoor zip line within North America.

    4. Race high-speed go-karts. At Pro-Kart in Rogers, MN, you can race go-karts that are anything but slow. They’re made for adults (forget the old, outdoor tracks that went about 5 mph). These things cruise, and the track goes indoor and outdoor! It tracks your cart too and gives you legit rankings at the end when you finish your final lap. We’ve spent many nights here (pre-baby) and loved every second.
    5. Take a boxing class. Yep, these are a thing and what better way to get rid of any stress and pent-up anger than taking a boxing class with your loved one? Have fun hitting up the bags and mastering new moves.
    6. Take a cooking class. Want to up your game in the kitchen? Try something new and attend a cooking class together with your partner. Learn how to make new special dishes, and new ways to cook different sides as well. It’s a great skill to acquire, and how knows, maybe you’ll spark a passion deeper than the food 🙂 Bonus: Vom Fass (in the Mall of America) has a Groupon right now for 65% off their cooking classes for two, making it just $22 for both of you to attend!20 trendy and clever date night ideas
    7. Go golfing. This isn’t for all the housewives who have been golfing since they were 6 years old (I was 8, by the way, and my parents made me take lessons…) No, this could be for anyone even if you haven’t golfed a day in your life before! Take your significant other out for an afternoon on the course, you can rent clubs and test out a sport that you’re not an expert at (and that’s okay!)
    8. Take on a ropes course. You want adventure? I’ll give you adventure. Search for a local ropes course and give you and your spouse the opportunity to climb to new heights in your relationship (ha, did you catch that pun?) These are another fun, physically testing, way to try something new together and experience a new adventure.
    9. Take a ride on a pedal pub! You may have to locate your nearest big city to take advantage of this trendy trip. Essentially it’s a traveling pub that seats 8+ people (it varies per pedal pub) on what looks like a wagon that you all get to pedal. Sip and savor the moment all at once.
    10. Jump off to a trampoline park. You may think these are more geared towards kids, but really you can’t put an age on hoping for joy. And actually, many of these trampoline parks enforce an older age requirement after a certain time at night. So adults can enjoy the fun of bouncing to their hearts delight.

      20 trendy and creative date night ideas to try
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    11. Get down and dirty and drink something crazy! This could be two different things. First off, you can actually Drive A Tank in Kasota, MN – yes, seriously! It’s a little spendy, but the option is there and let me tell you, it’s unique. The other option to get down and dirty is to rent ATV’s and take them out riding together! Just do an online search for ATV rentals near you and go from there!
    12. Go cliff jumping. Alright, this is another one that might be tough to find outside of Minnesota, but I will say that we did this last year and it was exhilarating. I didn’t tell my mom until after because I knew she’d freak out (she did) but we had a blast. Our favorite place to go is the Quarry in St. Cloud (MN) but there are tons of places around Duluth and Lutsen as well. Do some research and ask around, you’ll be sure to find something close!
    13. Pull the trigger and visit a shooting range. These are all over the metro and you can also find great deals on Groupon as well (I love using Groupon for things to do if you can’t tell!) Ready, aim, fire! Test your hand gun skills and see how good your aim is. Closest shot earns bragging rights!
    14. Tour a brewery. Although this one may not be as trendy as the rest of the activities on this list, it still stands the test of time when it comes to unique date night ideas. Couples love to go out, have a drink in a new way, and visit somewhere they’ve never been before. New breweries and wineries pop up all the time, so you’ll always have a new place to try!20 trendy and clever date night ideas
    15. Visit your local Science Museum. You would actually be surprised at what your local science museum has in store for you, and it changes all the time! It’s like finding little mini-adventures inside of one big adventure.
    16. Go geo-caching. If you’ve never attempted to find a geo-cache before, you’re missing out. It’s kind of like Pokemon-Go, except that it’s actually cool. So what you do is download a geo-cache app to your phone and then use their directory to try and find little geo-cache boxes nearest you. They’re high, they’re low, they’re hidden from plain sight so you need to do some professional seeking.
    17. Take a Segway tour. These are real, believe it or not, and they are amazingly cool. Technology as a whole is cool. Imagine hopping on your very own Segway, and taking a group tour of the city you belong to. You can cover a whole lot more ground on a set of wheels, and you’ll learn a whole newfangled skill all at the same time!
    18. Go horseback riding. When we celebrated my husband’s birthday for the first time together, I planned an outing to go horseback riding and taking a cave tour (in downtown Stillwater). We had a surprisingly great time (he thought it was hilarious, mostly because his horse kept veering off the trail to eat the whole time). And it was something he’d never done before! It’s all about the memories, baby.20 trendy and clever date night ideas
    19. Do a fun-run together. You’ve probably seen these pictures all over Instagram and Facebook, there’s mud runs, color runs, glow runs, bubble runs, inflatable runs; you name it, there’s probably a run for it. Register ahead of time and it will give you time to prep and find a sitter (if need be).
    20. Tackle a Ninja Warrior obstacle course. These have popped up around the Twin Cities as well, currently there’s a Conquer Ninja Warrior in Woodbury and one in Eden Prairie. If you are fans of the TV show, American Ninja Warrior, then you’ll especially appreciate this one. Take your turn at attempting the various obstacles and see what kind of muscle you have to get it done!

There are tons of great opportunities these days to get out and try something fun. Of course, there are plenty of other activities to do on a date night that I didn’t get to here. Leave a comment below if you think I missed a good one, and share with other readers! I love to hear your feedback 🙂

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Well that’s all I have for now. Until next time, happy date night!


*PS. This post contains a few affiliate links, which means if any purchases are made, I will receive a small percentage, much like a referral. Thanks for helping support the Real Housewives of Minnesota blog!

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2 thoughts on “20 Trendy Date Night Ideas You Haven’t Tried Yet

  • April 3, 2017 at 11:32 am

    Great post! We’ve been going to the driving range weekly for the last couple months. It really breaks up the Minnesota winter. Driving the tank sounds fun. I know they have other heavy machinery you can drive, too. I love that these are things you can do as a couple as well as with other couples.

    • April 3, 2017 at 1:28 pm

      Thanks for your comment Julie! The driving range is a great idea to get out and active too, and now I think golf courses are starting to open up too since the weather is so nice lately! Lots more options 🙂


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