Papa Murphy’s Rolls Out New Pan Pizza


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I was so excited to be able to test out the new Papa Murphy’s Pan Pizza recently! Thick crust is my favorite way to have my pizza, I think it’s because it helps to even out the flavor of sauce, cheese and toppings, but that’s just me. Anyways, when I was informed that I got to test out the Pan Pizza and share my thoughts with you guys, I was pumped! I wasted no time heading to my local Papa Murphy’s to check out their latest in take ‘n’ bake pizzas.

To be honest, I hadn’t been in there for a long time (maybe 5-6 years?) just because my stomach is sensitive to different pizzas and so I was limiting myself to just one type of pizza for a long time. But when I broke the hiatus, I realized a lot has changed there! They have so many options for toppings now along with various sizes, and now crust types.

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My hubby and I decided to go for the ‘split’ option. He likes sausage on his pizza, and I’m just a plain Jane cheese kind of girl. Boring, I know. But if you’re one who loves everything but the kitchen sink on your pizza, they can do that too. They have all kinds of fresh, high-quality toppings that will make your mouth water! Yum!

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The employee working at Papa Murphy’s that day gave us some helpful tips on cooking the pizza. She said to make sure to keep the pan level while we transported it because there was a special oil at the bottom for the pan crust. She also said to keep an eye on the crust for any bubbles and to pop the bubbles should any arise. I never did have any bubbles, but it was helpful advice just in case!

Hot out of the oven, here is our yummy Pan Pizza:

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As you can also see in the photo, that crust is so nice and thick and golden – partly the chef’s credit, and the other part is credited to Papa Murphy’s, naturally. Their new buttery crust was irresistible and very hearty! Although I absolutely loved the pizza, I could only eat two pieces because it was so yummy and filling.

papa murphys pan cheese pizza #shop

As I’ve stated before, I’m very picky when it comes to pizza – but this one really hit the spot! I loved it, and I would buy it again for sure. The photos don’t quite do the scrumptiousness justice, but you can get the general idea of how yummy it was! And hubby loved it too, as the leftovers did not last very long 🙂

Have you tried Papa Murphy’s new Pan Pizza? What were your thoughts? Leave a comment below!


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