Healthy Water, Garage Sales and Other Housewife News


I’ve been a busy girl lately. But you wouldn’t know that by reading my posts because there weren’t any. I apologize but guess what, I’m back! Hoorah!

After that last post, Macy and I headed off to garage sales galore in Maple Grove. We went to the Just Between Friends sale where they had all kinds of kids clothes, toys, and furniture on consignment. Macy found tons of things for her little girl (she’s 15 months now! Can you believe it?) It was a great treasure hunt for her 🙂 After, we hit up some other garage sales around the area and we found lots of good stuff! It’s a great area for garage sales, FYI 🙂

At one of the garage sales, my treasure find was this Longaberger basket. Good shape, and for $3! Yes, it is real. Thanks. I haven’t decided where to put it, but it was a wonderful find!

One new tip that I got from my SIL was a way to spruce up my water. If you find it hard to drink a lot of water throughout the day (which is very important, just so you know), then here’s a fun little tip. Cut up strawberries into quarters, and put 5-6 of them into your ice water. It really sweetens the water with a nice flavor – and you can enjoy the strawberry when you are done too if you’d like! Naturally.

Give it a try and see if you like it! If you don’t like strawberries (you’re crazy, but that’s besides the point) then you can try oranges, pineapple, anything that suits you!



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