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Let me start off by saying, Ruby has been on me about not writing lately – And I TOTALLY deserve it! I’m sorry I’ve been so absent lately 🙁 If you care to hear excuses, here are mine:

1. I’m finishing up dental school (finally) and have been really busy with that

2. I can’t seem to keep my LO away from catching EVERYTHING that comes into daycare, so she has been constantly sick.

3. It’s starting to get nice outside so I’ve been trying to spend as much time out there as possible – It’s Minnesota, you never know if it is going to snow tomorrow!!

Ok, Excuses over. Notice I did not add the gym to my list of excuses. That is because I have been REALLY slacking for the past month. Yes, month. There are just no excuses for that. Because of this, I have managed to gain 4 lbs back. Not good. What’s frustrating is I worked so hard to lose those 4 pounds (and the other 21 that I have managed to keep off). I just need to get my work ethic back and lose them again (and another 20 on top of that). I can do it. I know I can. I just have to be determined and controlled enough. After I have a brownie from the pan that is currently in the oven 😉 Shame.

Now, to what I originally planned on writing about – As Ruby said it’s GARAGE SALE SEASON!!!! AHHHHHH! Ruby and I went out on a cold and rainy Saturday to find some amazing deals, and that we did! The Just Between Friends (JBF) in Maple Grove was a week and a half ago. Let me in on a little secret – This is the absolute BEST sale for moms and moms-to-be. The first time I went, I was in my second trimester and had so much left to get for my first LO. My mom and I went to the 1st-time-mom pre-sale and stocked up on so many necessities for a great price! Now that I have most of the things I need, I go on the last day of the sale (Saturday), when everything is half off. It is nice because this sale is so huge that it takes soooo long to sift through everything. By Saturday, the loot is much more manageable to go through and there is still plenty of goodies to be had – at half price!!!

My Treasures:


Can you guess how much I spent??? Look closely at all the name brands! Puma, Gap, Robeez, Ralph Lauren, Old Navy, Carters, GAP and more Gap… Only $75!!!! For all of it! I basically stole some of this stuff!

What a great way to kick off garage sale season! I wish you all a lucky and plentiful season!!! We’d love for you to share your greatest finds so far!

Love, M

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