Pinterest Inspires


What was life even like before Pinterest?!?! It is hard to believe the website is so new – although I do still remember tearing out pages of magazines and storing them in a little file folder. I inevitably forgot all about the folder until the next time I found a great idea in a magazine. And there the ideas sat. Never to be enacted. Then…the wonderful world of Pinterest came to life, as did the amazing, inspiring ideas posted on nicely organized boards.

Naturally, I am not a very crafty person. I don’t think I am all that creative either. This is part of the reason I love Pinterest so much! Not only does it list creative things to do, but it also links to instructions on how to do/make these things! I’ve tried several things in the past couple months – some have been great successes, some have been great failures 😉

First, I will list some of my failures:

Yarn wrapped wreath – I got the wreath half wrapped and it was already so disfigured that the garbage seemed to be the best location for it.

No-bake cookie dough dip – The first time I served this was during my daughter’s first birthday party. Mistake. While it wasn’t totally disgusting, it wasn’t great. And definitely not party worthy. The main ingredient is chickpeas. Not-so-good.

Pan lid storage rack – For this one, I searched and searched for the perfect size wire magazine rack to put in my pan cupboard to neatly store the lids. It was going to be beautifully, perfectly organized. Not exactly. The rack didn’t quite fit in the cupboard… I had to turn it sideways to be able to fit it in. Then the lids just rolled off. Luckily it works great for holding my magazines 🙂

My Pinterest Successes:

No-Bake Energy bites

A little note about this one, if you try it, I would recommend grinding the flax seed first. The texture is a little funky if you don’t. Also, flax seed packs a lot of fiber…consider yourself warned!

Super Fat Flushing Water

Mint + Grapefruit (Note: Adds bitterness to the water, but very good for you!) + Orange (Or Tangerine)+ Cucumber

Twine wrapped Monogram

This isn’t fully finished, but I can just tell it’s going to be a success 🙂 I’m planning on putting it above my bed – Cute!!! (In case you are wondering why the yarn and twine are in a tangled mess, my dogs thought it would be fun to unravel them and drag them around the house…nice, right?)

And… planned for tomorrow, I need to skim Pinterest for how to use a whole gallon bag full of rhubarb from my garden!!! I’ll let you all know how it turns out!

Hopefully I can add this to my Pinterest success! I’d love to hear about your Pinterest Wins/losses! What was a great idea? What is something we shouldn’t bother trying?

Love, M

P.S. More Pinterest ideas trial and error coming soon!