Halloween Costumes on a Budget


Halloween is quickly approaching – and I am so excited for this fun holiday!!! I love Fall and getting dressed up to parade around the streets at night just sounds like a great time! There is only one problem… Halloween costumes can be SO expensive, especially now that I have a little one. Not to mention, these budget-busting costumes are only worn for a several hours and then stored away until you get the chance to make it to Goodwill to donate them.

*Light in head goes on* Goodwill would be the perfect place to outfit my family for Halloween!!!! Um, brilliant! Since Halloween is only a couple weeks away, there was no time to spare – Off the Goodwill we went!!! Here are some tips to get the most Bang for your Buck…

1. Plan ahead of time: Do some research and find some ideas of what you and your family would like to be for Halloween. I did a quick Google search of DIY costumes. First for my little one, then for me (which I happen to be prego right now, so this needed a specific search), a girl teenager costume, and then for hubby. There are so many great ideas online!

2. Make a list: Be sure to make a list of several options for each person and everything you will need for your costume. This way, if you are unable to find a certain thing, you can quickly switch to a different costume idea (or have a plan B for costume parts!)

3. Let the hunt begin: I don’t know about you, but I love the thrill of the hunt! I love to hunt down everything I am looking for and get it for a great price. Goodwill is absolutely perfect for this!!! Lucky for us, we was able to find EVERYTHING we needed for our top costume choices for the entire family of four!

4. Assemble your costumes: Not sure if you all know this about me but I am so.not.crafty! This little fact contributed to my costume choices and I was able to choose costumes with minimal assembly required.

Some of you may be able to get a little more creative and have a great time with this step 🙂 In that case, oh boy, the options you will have here!

This year’s Halloween costumes are…

LO #1 – Thing 1


– Red long sleeve t-shirt ($1.50 on Toddler Thursday)

– Red sweatpants ($1.50 on Toddler Thursday)

– Blue hairspray ($2.99…will use this for baby-bump/my Thing 2 costume)

– Cut-out from white t-shirt ($1.00…will use this same shirt for the other 2 costumes also!)

– Black Sharpie Marker ($0.00 – had this at home)

– Face paint ($3.99 – shared with hubby and me)

Me Pregnant with LO #2 – Thing 2


– Red long sleeve t-shirt ($2.99 – extra-large to fit my belly!)

– Black yoga pants ($5.99)

– Blue hairspray ($2.99 – shared with LO#1)

– Cut-out from white t-shirt ($1.00 – shared with LO#1 and hubby)

– Black Sharpie Marker ($0.00 – had this at home)

– Face paint ($3.99 – shared with LO#1 and hubby)

Teenage Girl – Pink Power Ranger

– Pink long sleeve shirt ($6.99 – bonus points for Juicy Couture, can wear again!)

– Pink skirt ($4.99)

– White gloves ($2.99)

– Gold belt ($4.99)

– Pink boot covers ($3.99)


Hubby – The Cat in the Hat

– Black zip-up ($5.99)

– Black cotton pants ($3.99)

– Cat in the Hat packaged costume ($6.99 – this is the only packaged costume we got so we could use the hat and the big red bow. Lucky for us it was from last year’s stock and a great price!)

– Cut-out from white t-shirt ($1.00 – shared with LO#1 and me)

– Face paint ($3.99 – shared with LO#1 and me)

All our extras to make the costumes complete!

The grand total for all 4 costumes (Including a 6 bags of Halloween candy and a spooky hanging ghost that we couldn’t resist): $79.35!!!! That’s a steal! We managed to spend less than $80 on all these essentials for costumes, and the plus side is that we can use the different pieces again after Halloween on an everyday basis, unlike the packaged items you’ll buy in store.

I hope you all enjoyed our costume choices! We can’t wait to show you the gang when we are all put together and ready for action!

Now, find the nearest Goodwill and get your budget-friendly Halloween costumes!

Haaaappy Halloween!!!

Macy & Sarah

Disclosure: All opinions here are our own. We were not paid for this post. We were however given an $80 gift card to Goodwill to shop for thrifty Halloween costumes.

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  • October 22, 2012 at 9:00 am

    I was Santa Clause one year when I was pregnant. Funny!


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