Living Diva in Minnesota

Sometimes, being a real housewife in Minnesota is not as glamorous as being a real housewife in Orange County or New York City. Okay, it’s never as glamorous. But some days it might seem close. Anyways! Today is a muggy 97° (one more degree and I’d have to start singing old boy band pop songs). I honestly lost my breath as I stepped out to get the mail. Blah! Miserable. And this is why they invented air conditioning. Thank you!

Today I got a coupon from thanking me for redeeming my free subscription to Runway Magazine (back on July 6th) and offering me a $10 coupon off another subscription. *Looks around* Is someone punking me? … if not, that’s awesome! I love free magazines! After browsing my options of what I can get for $10 (because heaven forbid I spend money) I almost convince myself that I’m interested in ‘Bird Talk’. Of course, I’m not interested in ‘Bird Talk’, I don’t even really like birds. Well, that’s a lie – I like chicken. Grilled, preferably.

Long story short – don’t get something just because it’s free. That’s my lesson here. Because if you do, you will be reminded of your moment of brain lapse every month when your issue of ‘Bird Talk’ comes.

Don’t worry though, I finally found a magazine right up my alley! Midwest Home 🙂

Back to the weather, last night was so warm that DH made his own self sleep on the couch downstairs! I had the whole bed to myself and it was glorious. Chalk one up for a great night’s sleep! He said that he slept on the couch for two reasons.

1) It was hot upstairs.
2) He wanted me to start off the week with a good night’s sleep.

What a gem! That’s why I married him – he’s mine ladies, back off! 🙂

Last thing I just had to brag about was my shopping trip to the grocery store last night. Don’t hold your breath, I didn’t get everything for 50 cents. I did save $40 though! I was on a high all night, on the car ride home I kept saying to DH, “That was so much fun!” and “That was really fun. Wasn’t that fun?” You should have seen the look he gave me. Lol – okay so maybe ‘fun’ was the wrong word for him. But I thought it was pretty dang cool

Hope you cash in on those sweet deals, let me know if you use them to success 🙂