Words of Praise: Stay-at-home Moms



I often get comments about how impressed people are that I am able to work full time while having a baby. While I appreciate the kind words, I’m realizing more and more how impressed I am by moms that are moms full time. I am currently on a break which has thrown me into reality as a full-time mom, temporarily. I feel stupid saying this, but 13 months in to motherhood, it is really hard for me to handle a baby for an entire day by myself. I am used to seeing my little one for a couple hours a day, mostly when my husband is also around to help me. I am used to being able to only worry about myself and what I need to do. Then being able to do it when I need to. Well, life at home with a toddler is totally opposite and the transition hit me like a ton of bricks! This is me putting my pride away and admitting it.

So here are my words of praise for stay-at-hoe moms: I admire your selflessness. I admire your ability to juggle a hundred things at once. I’m impressed by your confidence to decide that being a mom and taking care of your baby full time is the right decision for you. And having been on both sides of stay-at-home status, my hat goes off to your strength.



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