Super Woman? Not Quite.

Ok, so I don’t exactly look like this yet 😉 But I am on my way!!! So far, so good this week! I have been up early to go to the gym each day this week so far! Unlike Ruby, I have no idea what weight I am starting at (too afraid to look) and will have no idea how much weight I lose. BUT I did take measurements of some key areas and can see improvement that way. I think this is an awesome way to track progress because, let’s admit it…it’s not the weight that bothers us, it’s the size. And if I’m getting smaller, I am accomplishing the goal!

Some measurements I started out with: 
1. Upper arm (measured half way between shoulder and elbow)
2. Bust (measured right through the middle of the chest)
3. Waist (measured at the height of the belly button)
4. Hips (measured at the roundest part of the bum)
5. Thighs (largest part of thigh)
5. Calf (largest part of calf)

Then of course I wrote the numbers in code and hid it where no one would find it! Hehe

My workout routine has left me sore, which I am thankful for. I love being sore after a workout. It makes me feel like I’ve done something! So far my routing looks like this:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday: Weight lifting routine using 25 lb, 15 lb and 8 lb weights. I learned the specific routine from my Fit Moms For Life DVD.
Tuesday, Thursday: Burst cardio. I do high impact cardio for short periods of time (minutes) and then take a short breather. Then repeat. Man is this type of workout brutal, but it feels like it is working!

I just wanted to post a quick update for you guys… Now, I must hit the sack so I can get up early and hit the gym tomorrow 🙂

‘Til next time,

P.S. I should mention a common myth is that if a woman lifts heavy weights she will bulk up. I thought that exact thing! But it’s not true (unless you are taking testosterone supplements)! It builds muscle, but not bulk. Meanwhile all that muscle is a calorie/fat-eating machine!!! Score!

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