How To: Reduce the stress of leaving your infant


I am so excited to report that DH and I will be going on our first date since our newest little bundle of joy was born! I could not be more excited! DH and I are going to the Minneapolis Auto Show and then will probably grab some dinner before heading back home 🙂 With baby being only 5 weeks old, I thought it would be helpful to make a “How to guide” for taking care of our little one. Not that my mom hasn’t raised two kids already, but those of us who have kids know, each baby is unique. Here is a peak at my “how to” for taking care of our two little ones (our older daughter just turned 2).


– Addie eats roughly every 3 hours. This is not a strict time limit. If she is crying and does not stop while being held and rocked, she is probably hungry. This holds true even if she has just finished a bottle.

– Making bottles: fill a bottle with 4 oz of tap water. Warm in microwave for 9 seconds. Put 2 scoops of formula in and shake well.

– Burp her after every ounce. She will most likely still spit up, so have a burp cloth handy.

– Lydia can eat whatever you are eating. As a general rule, we try to give her at least one fruit or veggie or both with each meal. She may tell you she is “all done, go play!” right away. Request she eats her food first. If she still refuses, it is okay to let her down but she does not get a chance to eat again until the next meal.


– Addie most likely will not go to sleep without being held. It is also unlikely she will stay asleep if you put her down. If you attempt to put her down in her bouncy seat or swing while she is sleeping, lay her on her side – Chances are better she will stay asleep.

– Lydia’s bed time is 8:00. She will insist she has her ‘moosey’ and ‘beary.’ She will also request that you give her and them a hug before she goes to sleep. She likes her music on. She will probably request that you say a night time prayer before you leave the room. Once all that is completed and she is tucked in, you can leave and she will fall asleep.


– Addie’s diapers and wipes are in our room under her bassinet. Change her whenever her diaper feels full. Or if she poops. Dirty diapers can go in the metal trash can in our bathroom.

– Lydia’s diapers are in her room. Her wipes are in the middle drawer of the changing table. Dirty diapers and wipes go in the diaper champ next to her changing table.

Other: Dirty clothes and burp cloths can be thrown in the hamper in the laundry room. Feel free to eat whatever you can find. If you need anything, you can call us. Thank you and good luck! 🙂

I hope you all enjoyed a peak into our little routine! So before you leave the little one at home, make a “How to guide” and relax!

Is there anything else you do to reduce the stress of leaving your infant??? I’d love to hear your ideas!

Love, Macy

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